Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Too old and too busy to party.

Keeping up with you guys has been hard. I am so limited without a good internet server. We're under contract for another year so I'm stuck. I realize now why it seems some bloggers drop off the face of the earth.

I've done very little decorating this year. For instance, I usually have a tree in every room. This is the tree in the family room.

The tree in the master bedroom gets smaller every year.

I added the brush tree in the kitchen  to my make-shift coffee bar.

I used my vintage Santa mugs.

As you can see from the patina, they are old.

I managed tonight to hang a few balls from the chandelier.

I am almost too tired after work to do anything. Even though I love it, it's hard walking and standing all day.

We made cookies??? I used Self-rising flour and got cake cookies. The kids didn't mind and they got to lick the batter.

When Harper got there, we just played in dough and made fingerprints. All fun!

Anybody else too busy to party?


  1. Bless you! I do love your decorations.....whether you think it is so or not, you still have The Touch!! Your home is festive and I love it!
    The season is going by too quickly and there's more to do and see. Hopefully most of it will be realized :) if not, all will be well anyhow.
    Sending my love and prayers to you, my friend!

  2. YES, I am busy too:) Love seeing your sweet face on here! Just pop in when you can and enjoy your time with the family! HUGS!

  3. I think it is a generation thing-we are older, still working, busy keeping up with the kids and the grands, and the energy isn't what it used to be. I completely do the same thing. Your home looks cozy and inviting for the holidays. Enjoy the season. Merry Christmas!

  4. Morning, oh I love your tree and those vintage Santa cups are adorable, love mine too. Yes, I feel the same way, old and tired,Hugs Francine,

  5. Binnie, I know honey..we are on a hi-speed snail server here. Geezoo, so slow. Being with the grands is fun and lots of work at times...right. LOL Love the trees and the mugs. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Thank you sweet friend...I just finished my semester and I am looking forward to enjoying some down time...keeping you in prayer friend.

  7. I don't work anymore, I'm retired and older than dirt and I can't keep up either. I was like you, trees in every room and decorations also. Christmas linens, quilts, pillows, Santa's all over the house. So now I just have the pencil tree in living room and a small tree in the kitchen.

    Looks like you are having fun with the grands - such special memories. They will always remember the fun time they had making cookies with you.

    Enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas.


  8. Those vintage Santa mugs are delightful, Bonnie. I love your little trees, as I have one myself this year. My space is small, so had to get a small tree. But loving it just the same. Harper looks like she's having fun making the cookie dough. :) Your chandelier is so pretty with the red balls hanging from it. I've never seen one like that before.

    love, ~Sheri

  9. Bonnie ~ Your decorations are lovely. How fun playing in cookie dough. So sad all my grandchildren are either teenagers or college or married. Only Tristan (3 1/2) but he's in Oregon. Enjoy every minute...they grow up way too fast.

  10. I'm certainly with you about the party thing. Where having to go to bed early was a punishment when I was a child, it is wonderful now! Your decorations are lovely. No need to feel like you've not decorated enough. This year you just might need to keep things simple. Love the chandelier arrangment.

  11. A tree in every room? I have never attempted such a thing! I think your house looks very cute and good for you for making cookies and playing with those adorable grands!

  12. Oh- I hear you! It is a crazy time of year for most of us---between working and decorating and baking and cleaning and laundry and taking care of everyone there are just not enough hours in the day-EVER!!
    Hang in there. What gets done- gets done and what doesn't get done--doesn't matter. That's the way I look at it. xo Diana


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