Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All is calm...all is bright

Silent night...holy night...all is calm...all is bright...My favorite carol ...always bringing a sense of peace. I can remember rocking my babies to this tune...something very reverent and holy about this hymn of Christmas. I sensed how Mary must have felt as she held the Christ Child...overwhelmed with the task that lay before her and yet feeling that all was calm and bright.
Tonight the tree is down, the ornaments are in boxes put away for another year and all is calm...all is bright.
I visited the grave of my parents today. Yes, in the midst of pain, there is peace and bright hope for my tomorrow...all is calm...all is bright.
I received several special gifts this Christmas. I enjoyed my first grandchild...my daughter gave me a special gift to remember the legacy left by her Nanny...a Willow Tree of a grandmother quilting(she made one for each grandchild as my daughter watched her sew many stitches), a daughter looking on, and the granddaughter sitting at her feet...the Christmas story now read by my brother instead of my dad was a priceless gift to us all-passing on the legacy to the great-grands...yes, all is calm and all is bright.
With Peace in my Heart and Bright Hope for tomorrow, I extend that same peace and hope to you my friends. May 2012 be filled with both!

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  1. Bonnie, this is so touching and special. The photos are wonderful too. ♥O


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