Thursday, December 29, 2011

Old Window Creation

It's out with the old or should I say the new, and in with the new or should I say old.  I guess I could say, a little bit of both! Because I love making the old like new...and the new like old...Am I making any sense???

I have taken on several new hobbies which of course, includes blogging.  I admit I have much to learn.  And I will...with the help of my friend, Olive. She shares a few items with me in my simple little shop in my quaint little town.  I love her and I love her ideas. 

Since renovating my house and adding all new windows, I had to do something with the old ones.  I did what I do best...I sold them...all except for this one.  Thus, my newest creation.  Loving it.  Wish I had the mantle that so many of you bloggers have, but since I don't, the cabinet is my space to recreate. 

Happy New Year and Happy Blogging!

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