Thursday, December 15, 2011

Treasure the Old and the New

Feeling a bit nostalgic tonight as I reflect on Christmas past and wait with eager expection for Christmas present. This will be the first Christmas when my daddy will not read the Christmas story from his Bible worn out from years of turning the now yellowed pages.
This circle of life is actually beautiful. The day that we buried my dad, we learned that we were expecting our first grandchild. Tonight I anticipate the ending of one era and the beginning of another.
I look forward to baking cowboy cookies this year with my own daughter as my mama did with me. I look forward to hearing the Christmas story told around my Christmas tree instead of my parent's tree. My tree holds a thousand memories. The children's old ornaments, though irreplaceable, have been retired for future generations and the branches on my tree are now heavy with ornaments that my kids enjoyed on my mom's tree. And yes, I will create new traditions and new memories for little Connor who blessed our lives on October 27 and many other grandchildren who will follow. How ironic that he was born on my parent's anniversary. Such wonder is too incredible for me to contain!
Yes, I hold the old memories near to my heart and look forward to making new ones from the old...treasures. Thank you, Lord, for the old and the new!

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