Saturday, March 30, 2013

Roses Will Bloom Again

While I have enjoyed my blogging journey, 
I'm thinking about taking a looong sabbatical.

I've heard from several new bloggers
that I have a "no reply."
I've tried to correct the problem 
and my pages are 
not like the rest of the blogging world.

It's exhausting.
I wonder if this is the reason
I know longer hear from 
my blogging friends
and have fewer viewers 
than before.

So, I think I'll be visiting you, 
but I'm not sure I'll continue to post.

And what's this with all the changes 
that are about to take place. 
I don't even know how
to do what with.

So I'll share one of my favorite little plates
that has hung on the wall in my little pink room for several years.
It was replaced and taken the shop.
The shop is closing so things are coming home with me. 

Seems like another chapter in my life has closed.

I'm working full time now in a surrounding county.
So little time to pick....and grin:)

No, I didn't pay $18.
Got it from another vender for less than half, 
but she knows her stuff.
I'm sure it's valued for more!

My love for these will never change!

So, I'll stick to writing blogs for my facebook
and leave the worries of blogging to you, my friends.

I do love the plate of roses.

Because of Easter, 
Rose Will Bloom Again!



  1. I can comment so I do not understand this. So sad you are leaving this blog. You could make me administrator for a day and I likely could fix this issue if you want me too. Huga, Olive

  2. I truly hate to see you leave. I have never had difficulty commenting. I wonder if they may be referring to your email address? I'm not very up on all this stuff.

    When I began Living Life I had no clue what I where it would take me. I knew I wanted to write and to use this venue to improve my skills (still working). I needed to find a place to share passions and joy. I never imagined I would have even one follower, and I don't have hundreds, but the ones I find myself communicating with are those I believe I would enjoy having a cup of tea and conversation with in person. I do hope you will reconsider and return once you have rested a bit. Hugs from one Bonnie to another.

  3. Blogs do take time. I've had to step back a bit as well as I am working full time now. I post when I can. I don't have time to read those who post daily anyways! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Hi Bonnie, not sure what the comment problem is. I took a week off and now I'm not even sure what the changes are that are coming along. Good luck to you. Maybe you will be back soon.

  5. I haven't been blogging much either, Bonnie. I understand your need to pursue other things too. I'm feeling that way as well. I don't get many comments and I think it's because people don't want to take the time to go through whatever "security" measures blogs have in place to deter "bots" and unscrupulous hackers. It takes seconds but apparently that's too much for those busy, busy bloggers. I'm unsure whether I'll continue too, Bonnie. But it was a pleasure connecting with you though blogland and one day perhaps we'll meet when the good Lord returns for His people. Best to you ... Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  6. Hey Bonnie..I found out today that you are a cousin to a friend of mine. Scott Pulliam. I am good friends with his wife and she told me today that she had seen your blog on my following list.
    I understand how frustrating the changes can be but it is an easy fix for no reply...someone walked me through it...I see where Olive can would be worth the trouble....will miss you if you stop blogging..
    Love, Mona


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