Friday, March 22, 2013

Pretty and Pink and Mary Kay Cosmetics

In 1994, I became a first time Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.

I worked hard, got the recruits, became a team leader 
and got the car, not pink, RED!

I was busting it with skin care classes day and night.

So exhausted during qualification for my car,
I fell asleep on the sofa, 
woke up and didn't even know what day it was.

My mind, spinning into orbit screeched to a halt 
as I got a call from the school.
"It's 5:00 and your children are wanting their mommy."

My son came home one night and loudly proclaimed, 
"Daddy says you're selfish."

I knew it was time to slow down.
So I put it on hold.

A few years later I picked it up
again to get the free products
and share with a few friends and family.

That's the lovely thing about the business,
you can pick it up again as you please.

So here I am almost 20 years later and ready to start again.

I prefer to call myself a skin care consultant
who enjoys making women feel beautiful.

Mary Kay never shared her age.
She spoke of something she had heard on the subject, 
"If you really didn't know your exact age how old would
you say you were?  I feel 24!"

My mind says I'm 23
(well, don't ask my friends at work!)
My body, well, that's a different matter. 

I'm still in love with white lace, shabby chic, and all things vintage, 
but you girls, know I'm a little girl at heart who
loves all things Pretty and Pink.

Mary Kay Cosmetics has had a few face lifts, 
but we still love pink.

Springing forward into Mary Kay with colors of Spring
and a whole lot of  PINK!



  1. Bonnie, Pink makes everyone beautiful. Wishing you great success! Bonnie

  2. YAY!! So happy you have started back. I know you will do wonderful again! When will you be getting your new car?


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