Monday, March 4, 2013

What Color to Paint the Walls?

I'm still considering ideas for my bedroom.

Remember the little side cabinet that I got 
at TJ Maxx?

I bought a small chest on Saturday.

It will be my first project in forrreeeeever!

So ready for the weather to get warm
to start painting again.

I plan to paint this and my dresser a creamy ivory-white
and add new glass knobs
or paint the pull already on there the color of the wall.

On Pinterest today I saw a creamy white painted
chest with the drawers painted aqua.
Loved it!

Remember that I was looking for bedding?

I got the Amy Butler Sari Bloom bedding ensemble.
I still have to buy pillows and a duvet, and linen to match.
More muuulah!

This feels like Spring.
I am sooo ready.

I duvet cover is reversible.
I couldn't decide on the above pattern


Which do you like best?

Still no decision about wall colors.
I'm leaning now toward a very light aqua
to match the bedding.

or maybe a very light coral.

A frame only is a poor excuse for a bed.
Looking for ideas on pinterest.

I'd like a door or shutters headboard
but don't have a handy man.
My brother in law has a door.
Think I can talk him into it?

The room looks kinda shabby right now
and I don't mean the good kind of shabby.

It's a work in progress.

So, what color should I paint the walls?
Need your opinion.

Ready for Spring:), how about you?



  1. Hi Bonnie, White always looks beautiful! I have a color that I love, it's a toned down white. It's called Bone White. I think it's from Benjamin Moore. I get it at Lowes! xo Pam

  2. Look at Sherwin Williams "Rainwashed" online. You will find images of rooms somewhere. It is a beautiful color that will compliment these items.

  3. I've used Behr's "seaglass" is a very pale aqua!


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