Saturday, December 24, 2016

Jesus is the Greatest Gift

Tonight we will continue our tradition of 
Christmas with the Family.

As Daddy did before us, and Granddaddy did 
before him, we will read the Christmas story.

I was always frustrated with the children when they 
were little and I didn't feel like they were listening.

It's just too hard for little ones to sit still with 
the anticipation of gifts under the tree to open.

I think it's okay for us to share in the joy 
of watching them open gifts. 

This year, we will do it a little different 
in a way that they can understand.
We will tell the Christmas story using 
our Little People's Nativity.

I'll let them hold the characters as if 
acting out each part of the Greatest Story Ever Told!

I will tell that that Jesus is indeed The Greatest Gift. 

Yes, I will tell them that the presents under the tree
represent the presence of Christ.

Because Jesus is the Reason for the Season. 

Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Gift of Friendship

Our Christmas Cantada on Sunday was amazing. We have a small choir with BIG voices. My son and daughter-in-law sang together. It was beautiful. I had my whole little family together and I can't tell you how good that felt. My daughter and son-in-law singing along with them was music to my ears-literally!

We had plans of going caroling as a family but everyone has a busy week and Harper's sick anyway.

I received the NOEL banner yesterday from the Children's pastor. She does craft camps 2-3 x a year. She's amazing. I asked her if I could blog her home. She agreed. I hope I can find the time.

I got the peppermint candy candles yesterday from my Sunday School class as well as a Bath and Body Works set.

Another friend who has become like a prayer partner with me made this ornament for me. It has gold painted acorns inside and this verse attached,

God has filled my life with godly women through my blog and church. I am thankful for the gift of friendship. This is one of God's greatest gifts to me.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Oh, Toodles!

Today is the birthday of our precious miracle baby that we prayed 8 years for. She turned two.

Her Aunt Tiff brought over another gift even though her party was Saturday and she'd already given her several presents.

The theme of her party was, Minnie Mouse.

Pinterest inspired. Mommy and Daddy created.



Minnie ears everywhere!

 And of course, Minnie Balloons!
She was so excited.

Is this not the cutest!

My two girls 

And boy, they have my heart!

Don't ask me why the one candle. Ask her how old she is, she'll tell you, "Two!"

Hot dog,hot dog, hot diggity dog!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Too old and too busy to party.

Keeping up with you guys has been hard. I am so limited without a good internet server. We're under contract for another year so I'm stuck. I realize now why it seems some bloggers drop off the face of the earth.

I've done very little decorating this year. For instance, I usually have a tree in every room. This is the tree in the family room.

The tree in the master bedroom gets smaller every year.

I added the brush tree in the kitchen  to my make-shift coffee bar.

I used my vintage Santa mugs.

As you can see from the patina, they are old.

I managed tonight to hang a few balls from the chandelier.

I am almost too tired after work to do anything. Even though I love it, it's hard walking and standing all day.

We made cookies??? I used Self-rising flour and got cake cookies. The kids didn't mind and they got to lick the batter.

When Harper got there, we just played in dough and made fingerprints. All fun!

Anybody else too busy to party?

Sunday, December 11, 2016

No Words

It seems that my recent posts and words have not been inspiring. I've come to realize that it is,nevertheless when I see others meet with hardship and push through that I am inspired to do the same.

This has been a hard week. A couple that I taught back home in our college/career class, became engaged and married before we moved. They called me the beginning of the year to say that they were expecting. We soon found out that it was a boy and 2 months ago, Brayer Michael Logue came into the world as happy and healthy as can be.

On Tuesday, a mommy and daddy got a call that no one wants to get. The babysitter found their little one unconscious. He lived for 2 days. They held on to hope but hope in this life was not to be. 

This family is a family who has walked closely with our God. His grandparents are some of the most faithful ones. It's easy to question and God understands when we do.

Nana called him her angel. He truly is.

Nothing more pure than a mother's love.

Please join me in praying for this precious couple. I have no words.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Be It Unto Me

I want to share a photo that I took while 
browsing around our little town.

Peace on earth, peace in my heart. 
Peace, a simple word that stills the storm to a whisper.

Yesterday, The Pastor's sermon and the song, Be It Unto Me, 
were just absolutely a God-send. 

Every year the Lord whispers a word or two into my spirit ear 
and if I'm still enough, I will hear. 

A few years ago at one of the darkest times of my life, 
after my parents death, He whispered to me, 

He was speaking, "I am with you.  You are not alone."

One year it was "Peace," everywhere I turned
during a time of great chaos and confusion.

Last year it was "Joy."

Truly those were seasons, of Emanuel, God with Us, 
His Peace and then a season of Joy.

When I pulled everything out for the holidays, 
I didn't have much. 
I had given most to Goodwill when we moved and I was kinda sad. 

This Christmas has not been easy financially. 
There are decisions still to be made.
I am working and not able to spend as much time with grands.
Things have not turned out exactly as we had planned. 
We will get through Christmas with only this in mind, 
"My soul doth magnify the Lord."

That's what I wrote on my little chalk board before I decorated a thing, 
before we even thought about other possibilities. 

These words were the words of Mary when Jesus was born. 
As she held her baby boy who would one day walk on water, 
she said the words of praise and wonder, 
"My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord."

Afraid at what lay ahead, 
she was able to say, 
"My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord."

Yesterday, Be It Unto Me
(listen if you like)
was sung by our choir. 
When told that Mary would have a child, 
conceived of the Holy Spirit she said, 
"Be it unto me."

As I face days of uncertainly, 
I can truly say,
"thy will be done.  Be it unto me."

This was taken last year at our Christmas Eve service. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Connecting Again

Once again, another change to blogger. 
Makes it hard for this computer illiterate mama. 
Hey, I'm just glad I connected this morning. 

To those of you who are on Facebook, 
these photos will be a repeat.
I just couldn't let Christmas go by 
without connecting to the rest of my friends in Blogland.

Again, I'm so sorry that I haven't visited in a while. 
This working thing is sure interfering with my fun-style.
However, I am enjoying it.  I even liked Black-Friday.
An event I haven't frequented in 30 years. 
Working it is completely different from shopping it. 

Chad was 3 years old the last time. 
He thought it was funny to hide 
under the racks at Macy's.
I bout had a heart attack, snatched him up 
after losing a game of hide and seek, 
popped his little bottom and headed to the car, 
never to return.
And I didn't!

I am trying to
change things up a bit.
It hadn't been easy to decorate a new home when you lived in the same house for 36 years and had a place for everything. It's been a challenge. I am grateful, more than I can say.

I always thought about how wonderful it would be to have a clean slate.
It's harder than you think.

This is the easiest place to begin because it's always decorated with something. 

It's the simple things that make me happy.

A single brush tree in a bowl even makes me smile.

Here's for simplicity,
A decorated ladder.

Not as simple to get those lights strewn.
It's history now.
The rains came down and the floods came up and the wind took it away.

Well, just blew a few away.  It now stands with a crooked bow
and just a bit of garland.

I'm on my way to visit a few in Blogland.