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Monday, November 5, 2012

Art in My Neck of the Woods

I have found the greatest artists,
whether of music, photography, drama, the written word,
the spoken word, the stroke of the hand
are often found in our own back yard-
or somewhere in our neck of the woods.
(Photo by Jo Lynn Still)
The rusty and crusty appeal to me in some
nostalgic and comfortable kind of way.
I thought my blogging buddies would enjoy
the beauty in this tangled hanging of metal frames.
(Again, Jo Lynn uses God's perfect backdrop to create a masterpiece)
Dry, crusty leaves
Rusty rims and old pipes
A brick wall...
in the eye of the beholder...


Olive said...

Wowza that bed is gorgeous.

Amy Kinser said...

I totally agree...all of those things are gorgeous.

The rustier the better... :)

Rebecca said...

Yes...simply beautiful. I would LOVE to take a photograph class someday... :) Never interested me much until I started doing PINTEREST. So much beauty thru a lens...

Hope you are well. xo~R

PURA VIDA said...

The artist is the one who has they eyes to see art