Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Upscale Brush Trees

I just love vintage look-alikes/remakes.
I ordered these last year on ebay.
I don't know where I came to love brush trees.
I don't remember that Mama had them.
Maybe Granny Haywood had them.
She would always let me play with her what-nots (that's what we called them).
Or maybe I just came to appreciate them with age (mine not theirs),
To me they are UPSCALE decor!
What more can I say?


  1. Yes, they are elegant in their own fashion. Love your scale too. I am in the county by the way. Did you see my bottle brush wreath in my post before last? I hope you survived the holiday. We had a great time but I am exhausted. love ya, olive

  2. Bottle brush trees are a favorite of mine. I looked everywhere this year to find white ones like yours, but with no success. Love how you have them sitting on your scale!
    Bonnie, you always leave me such sweet comments. You are a real encourager to me!!
    Mary Alice

  3. Hi Bonnie: You are so funny! Upscale, I get it. I love the bottle brush trees but I don't have any old ones, just a few repoductions. But I love them anyway..Thank you for your kind words on my Christmas kitchen. I am so far behind in my decorating, hope I get done before Christmas!..Happy Friday..Judy


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