Monday, November 26, 2012

Second Row, Piano Side: Mama's Christmas Lights and Ornaments

Our Christmas tree was full LIGHTS.
There was not even a piece of a branch that didn't radiate with light.
As we got older she graduated
from the big bulb lights to the mini multi-colored lights that twinkled.
Mama would hang each shiny silver icicle one by one.
NEEEEVER were we allowed to throw them on the tree-
the hanging of every icicle, every ornament, and every light
was a deliberate act.
Each were placed in a position to reflect the lights.
The colored lights eventually became clear lights.
The Shiny-Brites were replaced with drops of crystal, silver and gold.
Now my once green and red has been exchanged for crystal, silver and gold-
all Mama's ornaments that give perfect reflections of light.
A Lantern, another giver of light.

Mama loved music. 
She taught herself how to play the piano
when she found out she was going to marry a preacher boy.
I got this ornament off of one of the wreaths she made.
Many a Christmas was spent around the piano
with Mama playing and singing alto
and Daddy leading the children.
Although not in perfect pitch, there was always
a soprano, a tenor and a couple of altos.
The crystal icicles were my children's favorite
and what they remember most about "Nanny's" tree.
She would never have had a hole like you see here!
The glass balls were not Shiny Brites
but sure did SHINE brightly.
She filled in with the plastic ones.
The butterfly was one of her favorites.
as well as the crystal pine cone.
She had a tree filled with ornaments enough to
fill 3 trees.
She would be horrified to know that I enjoy
a plain, ol' Charlie Brown tree
with paper ornaments...

...and of course, a sentimental tree full of her ornaments that
reflect the light.

Bittersweet Memories
From my Heart to Yours,


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  1. Bonnie, Such beautiful memories. The tree is my favorite thing about decorating for Christmas. Thank you for sharing. Bonnie


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