Sunday, November 18, 2012

To Paint or Not to Paint

I feel like I'm in Never-never land...
I've got this
and need some rest..
I've had it for a month now..
Feels like I'm having one of those
out of body experiences.
Remember the commercial
where the head blows up like a balloon
It's hard to get in the Holiday spirit.
I feel like I've been in the "spirits" and I don't do spirits-
well not that kind anyway.
So while all you my friends are running around
enjoying the holiday.
I'm looking at this...
...while lying in bed
and wondering
How I can get her ready for the holidays.
It's a piece I traded for.
It's a rare find, old and unique.
Not too many pieces have this rounded edge in ths wood-maple I think.
Any ideas?
To Paint or Not to Paint?

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