Friday, November 2, 2012

Giveaway: One Year Blogging Anniversary

Ok, girls and guys.
I realized this morning that a year ago this month,
I ventured out into the unknown world of blogging.
It has been a great way of expression for me.
I have experienced healing in the process.
I have developed new friends.
I have stumbled upon, not my accident, a dear friend
who shares so much of my journey.
No way, never!
So to celebrate, I am doing a giveaway!
Since some of you are just dying to start decorating for Christmas,
I decided to help you out a bit while putting a few pennies
in my daughter's pocket.
I am giving away her yarn Christmas wreath.
It is very simple, but elegant.
My simply-no-creative-bone-in-my-body self
CAN NOT do the simplest rosette.
I love the burlap under the berries spray.
For those of you who follow me via facebook, to be eligible,
you've got to create you own blog
and follow me.
If I can do it, anyone can! 
That means you, my darling, Christy!
(I've been trying to get her to share her creativity)
Rules (I guess) and ways to win:
I still haven't gotten this linky stuff down.
1.  Become a follower of my blog.
2.  Post my link to your facebook page.
3.  Share with a friend and have them follow me.
4.  Leave a comment and tell me what you did.
I will draw a winner on 11/15/12 and will announce on my 11/16/12 post.
Four chances to win.
I think my daughter is pretty incredible.
She gets $30 and I get to feel good about helping her and giving you something!


  1. Oh girly...this is darling! I'll link up with you when I do my Post for today, OK? I already follow. I'll come back and tell you what I've done!


    Hope you are well. Two more classes and my hubster is OUT OUT OUT! We are so excited. Wish you could be here to see him walk. As a family we are thrilled.

    Love you~xoR

  2. Oh goodness Bonnie, it been a year already? Congratulations. The wreath is lovely. xo. olive

  3. It's beautiful!
    We started decorating for Christmas last nigh.

  4. What a beautiful wreath your daughter made. I always love seeing the things my children create. The girls and I actually had craft day yesterday and had a blast. Christmas projects are totally fun!

    Would love to win your daughter's creation. Thanks for the chance.


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