Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Southern Rustic Charm Continues with a Young Photographer

A few weeks ago I featured 
a southern wedding 
by Wedding Planner, 
Joy Lord.

Photos are in and they are unbelievable!

The young photographer, 
Natalie McDonald. 

Joy was able to capture the
heart of the bride.

 Natalie was able to 
capture the emotion of the moment.

The couple wanted to honor tradition
and chose not to see each other 
before the ceremony.

With emotions and chemistry 
on the edge, 
Natalie was able to make 
this moment happen.

Natalie expressed her love for photography in this way, 
"I've always had an interest in photography and I've played 
with it for years."

As a youth, her grandparents were my mentors.
Her mother practically grew up in my back yard.
So, she's kinda special to me. 

She contributes her art to her granddad.
"He was an inspiration to me.  He could look at the world
and see the most beautiful picture and bring it to life in 
his own way.  I feel that photography does that 
for me.  It lets me express the way I view the world."

Joy and Natalie made quite a team.

Perfect lighting contrast and shadowing.

Is this not vintage-picture perfect?
The brides bouquet was a bundle of cotton.

Natalie appreciates the need to preserve the past.
"It's easy to forget the past that molds the works around us today."

A storybook moment for sure.

Natalie also loves to photograph old buildings 
and structures. 

Postcard Perfect

"Photography is a way to immortalize a moment or person 
or place.  I feel like it's what Pop was able to do
and I hope to be half the artist he was."

I would say Natalie is well on her way.

Thanks girls, for allowing me to get
a glimpse into some very private moments 
and emotions.

Believing in You, 
Bonnie :)


  1. Bonnie, thank you so much for such a wonderful article and for your compliments on my "baby girl." She definitely has a creative side that I think shines so brightly through anything she does - including her photography. Thanks again for all your great comments!! Love you!

  2. Oh my gosh...incredible photos. Some people just have the gift of picture taking and it goes into a completely different level of expression. MORE THAN BEAUTIFUL!

    Hope you are well girlfriend. xoRebecca


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