Saturday, February 2, 2013

An Incredible Woman and "A Few Good Men"

From time to time,
I will be paying tribute to 
people who have inspired me-

those individuals who have reached beyond themselves
 to find a strength 
that supersedes human ability-
those who have chosen to live life to the fullest-
to overcome incredible odds 
those who do not even consider themselves incredible.

My friend Debra is my inspiration.

Debra is first and foremost a mother.

These are her good looking boys  men.
Her oldest boys, Justin and Dustin,
the handsome young man on the left and the handsome young man on the right,
are twins.

The good looking guy in the middle is
Debra's baby, Rusty.
Rusty is a sergeant in the United States Army.

As with any soldier, he left home a boy,
and returned a man.

The twins are my son's age.
Dustin and Chad played T ball together and grew up
fighting Ninja turtles and wrestling Hulk Hogan.

This is Dustin.

Meet Dustin's twin brother, Justin.

As a baby, Justin was an active little boy,
toddling and getting into everything.

The DPT vaccine changed the course of this family's life forever.

The DPT vaccine is given to protect
children against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis or whooping cough.

Before the vaccination, a parent is given a quick list of "possible" reactions
and assured that the child may experience a "mild" fever
one to three days after receiving the vaccine.
It is implied that severe reactions are "possible" but not "probable."

However for Justin,
the cards were stacked against him.
Justin peaked a high fever followed by seizures.
What should have been a routine visit to the health department
became a life-altering event in this family's history.

According to the testimony of Health, Edward Grant, Jr.,
before a US Senate Committee on May 3rd, 1985,
every year 35,000 children suffer neurological damage
related to the DPT vaccine.
1 in 100 react with convulsions, collapse, or high-pitched screaming.
1 out of 300 will remain with permanent brain damage.

You will never hear Debra complain.
She often says, "You would do the same thing."
She will not accept accolades or praise
because to her, she is just a mother who loves her children
and will fight to the bitter end to see that they, all three,
get what they need.

Debra has become an advocate for mothers
with special-needs children.
She is a self-educated learner who
knows what is available for those
who have no idea where to go for help.

Debra has spent her entire life
taking care of her family.
Debra is madly in love with the men in her life.

A few months ago
Debra and the boys found room
in their hearts for another man.

The story book romance
became this crazy little thing called love.
And as they say,
The rest is history.

Yes, I do believe she thinks he can walk on water.

Debra loves a "Few Good Men"
and only one of them happens to be a soldier.

However, Debra is the real fighter in the family.

I love you, girlie.
I'm proud to be called your friend.

Debra's wedding is a fairy tale
with a real horse and carriage
in true Southern style
in historical Savannah, Georgia.

Stay tuned,



  1. How beautiful! It sounds like Debra is an amazing woman with a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your friend's story.

  2. Bonnie, Your friend is most certainly a woman to be admired. She is also fortunate to have you as her friend. A lovely ending. Bonnie

  3. Wow!!! This is great! Thanks for posting!

  4. What a wonderful tribute Bonnie. Your friend is blessed to have you too. I do believe that God chooses special people for special assignments.. Your friend Debra is truly a special woman...with a agreat group of young men and now I am so happy she has found a good helpmate too. Blessings!

  5. Hi Bonnie, what a great way to say thanks to those around you that are so important! You are truly blessed to have the love of family and friends as I'm sure your such a blessing to others! xo Pam

  6. What a great piece for a beautiful angel who always puts others 1st & is a true survival.Love u Debra


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