Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Southern Wedding in Historic Savannah, GA

I love Savannah.

It's full of history and character.

I've been bugging my friend, Debra
to share her memories.

She's a busy lady, 
and I could wait no longer
to share her lovely wedding photos 
with you.

The event had been in the making for months.

Debra is a real thrifter 
and knows the trade well.

She is always on the hunt. 
Searching for just the right finds 
was a joy and delight for her.

Finding the right place
to create an air of romance
was essential.

This historical building was just perfect
for the sit-down meal at Cha Bella's.

Love the galvanized tiered stand.

She found this at a local shop.
It was a mirror from an antique dresser.
Chalkboard paint is wonderful!

The day was perfect for an outdoor wedding
in one of  Savannah's gardens.

Burlap, cut wood and cotton balls,
my favorite combination.

A sentimental bouquet.

Love the things we can do with old windows.  
This was perfect. 

Another view of the table.

A wooden toolbox-perfect table decor.

The bride anxiously awaits. 

Every detail was gorgeous, 
but the bride was the most spectacular 
of them all!

It was certainly a fairytale wedding, 
carriage ride and all!

Debra and Hershel


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  1. Bonnie- looks absolutely amazing! I would like to get to Savannah one of these days! Thanks for taking me there beforehand. Congrats to the bride and groom.


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