Monday, April 28, 2014

Hilton Head

I'm reliving my annual trips to the Hilton Head.  

In 2009, we started a new tradition.
We arrived a few days early to enjoy some alone time. 

With morning walks on the beach
and quiet time with our  Maker.

This became our home away from home. 

Our little "Hidden Cove" was only a block from the ocean.

I enjoyed some much needed time with my baby girl.

My sister's family came on Thursday for the rest of the week.

My little ones adore their big cousin.

They spent alot of time together.

Sometimes just walking on the beach and holding hands
is better than doing anything. 

The girls enjoyed each other on the beach

We all got too much sun!

and away from the beach.

In 2009, these two walked hand in hand,

and enjoyed the sun and the sand together. 

We always did beach pictures. 
You can see how each year added a few more pounds. 
But we were are fat and happy!

This was before Connor-man.
Christina was actually pregnant.
She was in the morning-sickness stage.
I don't think she like garlic bread to this day.

I do have a wonderful son in law. 
He just doesn't do pictures.  

We picked out our favorite beach houses. 

And we dreamed BIG!

This was our walk to the beach everyday.

My children talk of having their own vacation beach. 

I know where we'll be spending my summers. 

Yesterday it got up to 93 degrees.
Lord, have mercy.
My hot flashes were flashing!
It feels like summer already.

Happy Monday, 



  1. beautiful pics and beautiful people Bonnie. I have not seen the ocean in years, sigh

  2. Bonnie, That looked like the perfect to live over again. Great photos. xoxo,Susie

  3. Dear Bonnie, I think your happy memories have lived a very long and sweet life (memories) are so powerful! I think you are all going to have to plan early for next year! Get everyone in the program and ask God to please let it happen!
    I had and aunt that once said to take a vacation every year as you would still have the same amount of money at the end of the year!!
    Please come over and comment again your other one is in cyber space...Roxy xo

  4. Lovely photos Bonnie. I would love to visit the Pacific Ocean. Many years ago I did visit the Atlantic Ocean!

  5. I can see why you made this a tradition! It looks so beautiful and such a perfect place for family time and memories to be made.

  6. I like the beach pictures and it's really nice to put faces to the names. You have a lovely family Bon-Bon.
    Poor girl, I can't imagine not liking garlic bread anymore! You'd think I'm Italian the way I love garlic. There's no vampires in our house! *lol*
    Thanks for sharing the happy memories. ~:)

  7. How fun to look back at those old beach pictures, Bonnie. I think it works two ways- either you enjoy reliving every moment of those days or you are longing to do it RIGHT NOW! I am the same way- xo Diana

  8. Oh My----Makes me home-sick for the beach... We go every year (1st week in May) to Ocean Isle Beach, NC... BUT--there is a possibility that we will have to change that trip this year.. Like you, it's killing me. We love this time in May since the beach is still not crowded and since it is still not terribly hot there. BUT?????? Just not sure about this year!!!!!

    LOVE your photos--especially all of the wonderful family photos. Hope all of you get there again one year together.


  9. Isn't memory lane a fun trip to take...when it comes to vacations? Lovely pictures and I enjoyed reading your mind as you wrote the captions to go along with them. The beach homes....I wish I had money to buy one :)

  10. Hi Bonnie! Oh, I've loved seeing your beach snaps and you have such a lovely family. Your pretty daughter looks just like her pretty mama! :) I live two blocks from the beach and hardly ever go! Thanks for popping in to see my snaps of my trip.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  11. I LOVE the beach! It's been several years since we had a family week at the beach. Hopefully some time we can again. Our family keeps getting bigger and it's harder to find something affordable. Your pictures are just wonderful!
    Send your 90's up's raining today and it's still so chilly!
    Bless you today!

  12. What a wonderful family you have, Bonnie, and such a peaceful place to visit.



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