Friday, April 18, 2014

Update on IVF

The IVF Journey Begins

This post was written in January and I wanted to repost as a reminder to pray for my baby girl and her husband.  I know I have asked many, many times as I have brought this before the Lord many, many times. 

I had a dream after my mama died.  We had already been praying for several years.  I dreamed that my mama was there as was I and my daughter and her little girl with blond curly hair and blue eyes.  I can see her as vividly now as I did in my dream.  

When Christy was just 2 or 3 years old, my mama gave her a little rag doll.  Christy carried it around until the hair was falling off.  Mama had written, "Nanny" on one foot and "Granddaddy," on the other foot.

In the dream, Mama said, "I wish you would look at that! (that was mama's expression about everything) She's playing with that doll just like her mama did."  That was confirmation to me and from that moment on, I have never doubted.

The apron was made for Christy by my mama 
because she wanted one "just like Nanny."

One day our granddaughters will play house
and these will be tucked away until then.

Next week will be the second week of injections
with a second shot added.
On Friday, she will have a trial embryo transfer.
So far, the meds have not made her sick,
just tired.
She works and is in her masters program.
So, she has a lot going on.

Please pass this along to your friends for prayer.  


I will be visiting my newest granddaughter in a couple of weeks.
Our Connor man is adjusting nicely 
and Cora is a perfect baby, only waking for feedings.
Hope to share new photos soon. 

Today, I need to share my heart.

You, my blog friends, have
become my prayer partners, 
for which I am so thankful.  

Most of you know,
how long we have been praying for a baby,
6 years. 

I'm so ready to see this smile again-
ready to see my baby girl laugh like she once did,
ready to see that twinkle in her eye again.

Ready to see her celebrate again,

Ready for her heart to sing again,

Ready to see the craziness,

Ready to see this incredible love
shared with a child.

(This was taken when our Connor man, her brother's baby,
was born.)
Ready to have her experience 
the love and joy that is beyond 
any love she has ever known.

Praying that the arms that have held others, 
will one day very soon, 
hold their own.

If being a good husband is any indication 
of what kind of daddy he will be, 
this man will be the best!

Cancer could not claim him
and neither will infertility defeat him!

After 7 IUIs and a miscarriage, 
they will finally start 
the IVF process this week-
one step at a time.

On Wednesday, she will start birth control, 
as crazy as that sounds, 
to start a new cycle.

She and Troy will both
start on antibiotics. 
(Don't ask me why!)

She will have her own personal
fertility nurse who will be 
with her through the entire process.

She's afraid of so many things,
afraid it won't take,
afraid it will take and
afraid of loss,
afraid of what people will say, 
afraid of what people won't say, 
afraid of looks of pity, 
afraid of looks of excitement-
just afraid.

Today her emotions are all over the place, 
Troy is off on business, 
and I'm six hours away.

I say, 
"I will come."

She says, 
"I'll be okay."

So Jesus, 
will you give her peace while she waits. 


  1. Bless you all. It is so hard not to be afraid.

  2. What a scary journey. I will pray for her, my friend. xo Laura

  3. Me too ... prayers for you all! May it please the Lord God to bring another little smiling face into such a wonderful family. But no matter what happens, may His will be done.
    Luv from the rain soaked South ~:)

  4. Sending prayers for all of you. xoxo,Susie

  5. I am praying for you all.

  6. She's been in my thoughts and prayers! Praying for you too and waiting for the exciting news when it comes!

  7. Of course..keeping you all in prayer. I was wondering about if there were any updates..Blessings

  8. I will pray for your sweet daughter and her husband. Glad to meet you, Bonnie. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Easter to you.

  9. I will be praying for all of you! God hears our prayers, I believe that with all my heart! HUGS and PRAYERS coming your way!

  10. Sending up prayers once again, Bonnie! I hope that all goes well for them. xo Diana

  11. Goodness me what a journey for your daughter and her partner and for all the family...with all the positive,loving support around them, how can this fail....wishing you all a wonderful and safe Easter.

  12. Praying for your girl right now. This road has been long. Have a blessed Easter.

    p.s. CC flys back Wednesday-pray that that goes well for her.


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