Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Little Angel

BonBon and Grandy's little angel. 
My heart is melting.

At two, Connor is already a good BIG brother.

He makes her smile.
I can hardly believe how much she changes everyday.
Brother looks so BIG beside little Sissy.

Look at those smiles!

I could just eat them up. 

Plans have changed.
The shots for my daughter's IVF are making her sick and exhausted.
She wants us to wait under the procedure is done, 
that will be the end of the second week in May.

Connor has the end of the year program at Day Care on May 16,
so that week will be perfect for all.
By that time, we should know if we have a baby:)

Christina made this for Cora's room. 

We have lots of C's in the family. 
There's Christy, Chad, Christina, Connor and Cora
T for Troy.
B for Bonnie, D for David.

???? What will baby #3 be????




  1. I so love your nickname, Bon Bon. I will keep your daughter in prayer. Thanks for sharing, you always make me smile. Blessings

  2. Oh my your babies are beautiful! So exciting to have a new one soon! It is such a joy for us to watch ours grow. All too fast! Blessings to your daughter. I so enjoy your nice comments on my blog! Thanks so much!

  3. Such gorgeous kids! I can't wait to hear that number 3 is on the way. :)

  4. That baby will get an S for Special! God bless her as she goes through these procedures. I bet you just can't WAIT to see those grandbabies though- xo Diana

  5. Oh that first picture is "delicious"..know you could just eat her up.

    And big that precious or what?

    Baby exciting..

    Love and hugs

  6. What a cutie! I'm melting too. Wish the IVF's weren't making your daughter feel so ill. Poor kid. I pray that all this will produce good results for them soon. ~:)

  7. Precious grandbabies. Praying for each of you. With love, M

  8. Oh those babies!!!!
    So sweet!
    I pray for your daughter...
    And for you...
    Hard for a mother to see her daughter's heart ache...
    Praying and believing for blessed news soon, my friend!

  9. Beautiful baby girl! And handsome grandson!

  10. Oh what sweet little ones! I know that you are so happy with those grandlittles! Enjoy your day dear friend, praying that all goes well for your Daughter and that she feels better! BIG HUGS and prayers!

  11. BonBon...what preciousness! I know must be floating around in grandmother heaven!

  12. Bonnie, sending you congratulations. She is adorable. Enjoy all your moments with your grand abides. Hugs, Bonnie


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