Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Dream of White Sand and an Ocean Breeze

This is the first year in 6 years 
that we haven't taken our annual beach 
trip to Hilton Head.

It's usually the first full week in May, 
so I'm getting sad and homesick 
for our home away from home. 


So I'll dream of my happy place.


My dream looks something like this
with me in the hammock,
a good book,
and a good cup of coffee.

 I'll dream of
 sweet days with little ones at play,

Panama City Beach, FL
Christy 10, Chad 7

And treasured memories 
with family.

Hilton Head 2009
Me and my sister

I'm dreaming of white sand and an ocean breeze.

Care to join me?



  1. Dreams do come true!!! Wonderful photographs, enjoyed them all~

  2. Dreams do come true!!! Wonderful photographs, enjoyed them all~

  3. I hear ya. It has been six years since I have seen the ocean but I am blessed with a vacation home I adore so there.

  4. Girl, you had me a white sand!

  5. {raising my hand} Me, me, me, me. It has been 3-4 years since I have been to the beach (Gulf Shores, AL). Sigh, it is nice to dream, isn't? Blessings

  6. Bonnie, You and your sister sure look a like. That is a wonderful place to vacation. xoxo,Susie

  7. What a gorgeous place. I'd be dreaming of it too.

  8. That sounds wonderful...your post made me smile!

  9. Oh- I hear you. We are not taking our trip to the beach this June either. I so miss it!!!

    I'll dream right along with you- xo Diana

  10. Sigh, I'm there with you! Have a wonderful weekend! Bonnie

  11. Oh yes----I am totally with you. We ALWAYS go to the beach the first week in May --and our special place is the Islander Inn in Ocean Isle Beach, NC... We love it so much that we try to go there TWICE a year (May and Dec)... BUT--this year, we may not get to go... I have a doctor's appointment this Monday --and will know after that.... I hope we can go--but I sorta have my doubts.... Dang it...

    SO--I'm with you about DREAMING today.

  12. I totally totally understand that. We love to go to a little area near Seaside, Florida and sometimes, I just ACHE to be there. Hope you are enjoying your spring!

  13. Those would be the perfect place to be.

    Leaving in the morning to head up North to my brothers memorial service then on to Brooking OR where I will get to love on Tristan, and walk on the beach. Can't wait...I will truly think of you when I'm there.

  14. Yes, I will join you in this dream:) Sounds mighty nice to me! Enjoy your weekend dreaming dear friend, HUGS!


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