Saturday, August 30, 2014

Is there Country In Your County?

There's so much country in our county.

At one time, Deepstep was a buzzing little town.
There was even a school.

This was the country store.  
Don't you just love the benches on the front porch?
I can just see men sitting here shooting the breeze
while waiting on the misses to grab some grub.

One time we were driving down a country road
when our car gave out of gas. 
Daddy knew someone on a farm nearby who had a gas tank. 
 I suppose the tank was for supplying fuel for the farm equipment.
The man wouldn't let Daddy pay him. 
I wonder why some memories stand out like this one?

Green is the tractor color of choice
in this neck of the woods. 

In the town that I grew up in,
there was an International (Red) Tractor Co.
and a John Deere (Green) Tractor Co.
down the road.

The big argument discussion around here was 
who made the best tractor.

There was country store in every town
with a Mom and Pop store on every corner.

When I see these little roads,
I think of the song, "Country Roads Take Me Home."

 This is home to one of my friends.
Is this not beautiful?

So thankful that God's promises are true and sure.

Do you have country in your county?

Hope you enjoy your day of rest tomorrow, 



  1. We do have some country areas of our town...mostly only out skirts, but I find peace when I go there. Loved seeing your pictures.

  2. Yes, we do have country in our country. Here, many people would like to be rid of the old, but I love the old, so much history to be found.
    Beautiful photos, Bonnie.
    Blessings to you as well for the remainder of the week-end.
    Joy! Debbie

  3. We have country in our county too. It's my favorite place to be.
    We had the red/green debate in our area too. My Dad had red Farmall tractors.

  4. Yes... we have country in our county too.. Nothing better than taking a ride down a country road....I especially love seeing the old country stores.. I can remember walking daily to our local store... Getting a soda for 25 cents.. yes...that has been a Beautiful pics and yes, I would love the benches to sit on my porch...Blessings!

  5. Hello Dear!
    I have country living in my heart and my home! It is funny, I have a similar memory of us also almost running out of gas. We were so poor and a friendly farmer helped my Momma out and he would not take here change.
    Makes me want to cry for his kindness to us!
    I love your new header!
    Yours, Roxy

  6. I live in a rural area...just outside of the little town that I grew up in. We have a lot of country in our county.

  7. The Country is dwindling where I live but I have Country in my heart:) Beautiful pics! Enjoy your day dear friend! HUGS!

  8. Just lovely, Bonnie! Yes, we live in upstate NY, where the spoils of city life have not reached us. Oh, places like Rochester and Buffalo have the city life..not here..where Mom & Pop stores still rule and country/farmlands still rule.Blessings

  9. There is country in our county, but not like this!! xx

  10. Love those pictures, bring me to the country, Blessings Francine.

  11. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories. Love the photo of the rainbow.

  12. Yes there is country in my county. And I'm glad there is. I live in an area where there is a mix of new homes and stores and working farms combined. It's kind of a mixed bag I guess. Loved hearing the stories about your area.

  13. Just Beautiful Bonnie and yes, we have a little country in our country here in Texas. We have watched it grow and expand over the last 20 years but still just down the road you can see a horse, cow and a tractor!!
    Love this post and your wonderful photos. The rainbow is beautiful.

    Thank you for stopping by my spotlight feature at Junk Chic Cottage. Your comment was special and thank you for taking the time.
    Happy September!!

  14. Hi Bonnie(:)
    oh yes the red pitcher is darling
    love the farm post
    (:) hugs.p


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