Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pink, pretty please?

Christy said, 
"We don't do pink."


"Well, some pink, I guess
maybe an outfit or two."

You know me, a lover of all things white and PINK!

How can she say, "No Pink?"

She says, "Neutrals."

"With a pop of pink, right?"

I was so excited to find this rare piece of pink milkglass or "shell."
I found it in Juliette, GA last Saturday.
It was $12.

She says, "With a pop of coral or aqua."

Okay, okay.
Coral is in the pink family, right???

She showed me some of their ideas from Pinterest.

with a little less aqua and coral 
and more neutrals.

Okay, I can see this,

or this.

Oh, yeah. I'm seeing it.  I'm getting it.

But can I exchange the white bear with a pink one?

I Dream in White and Pink, 


Which colors do you prefer?


  1. I love delicate pink ( not too much at a time) . There are so many cute little girl colors. Fun decisions to make.

  2. Ohhhhh love the neutrals with maybe a splash of pink. Those inspiration shots are great. I know the baby's room will look so great.

  3. Love that pink milk glass.....Love love love!
    I am partial to blue....


  4. I'm sure everything will be adorable, even with just a pop of pink. I'm not a pink lover either. I usually lean toward blues!

  5. Bonnie I am such a Pink gal!! Neither of my girls liked pink when they got old enough to choose. Me I still love it. I get the neutrals with pops of color but a pink bear sounds pretty perfect to me!!! I have only found one piece of pink milk glass and I love it also!

  6. Coral is definitely in the pink family!! I think that the white with pops of colour is a lovely idea. I am sure that you will find some lovely things as gifts! xx

  7. I love blue - - probably because it matches my eyes and makes them more pronounced. In the house, we like Sherwin Williams HGTV "Traditional" color palette.

  8. Well, you know I love red. But I really love all colors.

  9. Here comes my quipyness..she's getting pink then, LOL

    --I love pink, all shades..however, you know..I am the only girl and that means no pink. Blessings

  10. Pink and white always works well together. Baby room is going to look great. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. I love the neutral room, but a touch of pink sure would be pretty!

  12. I love color! Green is my favorite... A pretty lime green would do. I find myself loving shades of blues more than I used to. Pink? Never wore much of it but if I do, it's on the brighter pink side.
    Decorating a baby's room is very fun. Our daughter did a great job on her baby boy's room. Fun times!!


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