Friday, August 29, 2014

Some Whites After Labor Day

Today was no different 
with no rain and high temps.
It's still summer and will be for awhile 
even after Labor Day.

Does the fashion rule still apply, 
no whites after Labor Day?

I think you'll agree to a few whites.

This Cinderella pumpkin could go in the pink room.

This is one of my favorite vignettes.
It could sit it on my kitchen faux mantle. 
I pinned it a couple of years ago,
enough color to be natural and white to be bright.

I think I will change the bow to be an ivory/natural color.
I will definitely add the cotton to my wreath
to complete the vignette. 

I could do this,

and this.
Simply Shabby Chiccy

I think this will be on my front porch soon!

So, what ya think?

Have a Happy Labor Day Weekend.
I will miss my family so I'll try to just 
get some projects done to put in my booth.



  1. Very pretty!! Sigh, a girl after my own heart!! I just love what you pick out. Bonnie, hate to tell you this, but this morning, it was a crisp 45*, however, it warmed up to the 80's and quite humid. Blessings

  2. I DO love the white pumpkins---I spray paint them after Thanksgiving & tie a bow around their stem---WAALAA--Christmas Balls!

  3. I love your white after Labor Day! The Give Thanks vignette is so pretty.
    It was in the 50's this morning, but has warmed up to the 80's. It's supposes to rain all weekend!

  4. I was thinking it is just white heels that are a no no after labor Day.
    Love your photo's

  5. It bumped 100 a couple of times today. It is hard to think of fall. No white heels after Labor Day, and clothes must be creamy white, not white-white.

  6. Oh I have bedazzle me a pumpkin like yours. I love it!!

  7. I only use white pumpkins!! I may change it up this year....NOT! Enjoyed the beautiful pics~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  8. That is quite the beautiful pumpkin all jeweled up! I would love to try and make one of those, who knows, maybe I just will. :)
    My mother-in-law always said NO white after Labor day, especially shoes and purses. As for me, I rarely have white on in the summer.
    Happy week-end to you!

  9. I think all the white and pops of white for Fall are just beautiful! I love the white pumpkins and "thanks" written on them and the banner too. Have a great Labor Day.. we will having our usual and ministry.. Blessings!

  10. I love white pumpkins and want to get more of them this year to put out for Fall.

  11. Never had white pumpkins.... We often had volunteer pumpkins grow in our little garden at the old house. No garden here so I guess I'll have to buy them this year. White may look nice beside our blue door :)

  12. Bonnie, I need to pin some of these ideas for sure! Love the "L" on the pumpkin!


  13. Bonnie I love the whites in your fall decor. That bucket with the boo pumpkins is just awesome. Love that. I am so not ready to let go of summer just yet. Love all your decor ideas. Lots of fun inspiration.


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