Thursday, August 28, 2014

Please Turn the Heat Off!

It's still steamy here!

The beach doesn't even attract me.
I'm so over this heat. 

I tell you what!
Today, I was a substitute for the 8th grade classes.
The baddest bunch I have EVER taught, and I can't say, 
"A mean little girl without a daddy."
They were just B-A-D, BAD!

Yes, sirree!
Talk about being run over!
I'll admit it!
My bad, tough self!
They slap ran all over me and jumped 
and hooped and hollered and high-fived about it too.

I have NEVER, did you hear me????
NEEEEEEEEVER been so humiliated and shown
such disrespect. 

And get this, 
some kid turned the heat on.
Oh yeah, the heat was on, 
and I'm talking 80 degrees.

So I'm dreaming of Fall.
I'll show you some of my favorite pins. 

Last year I used whites. 
This year I may add color. 
The verdict is still out.

These I can do. 

Does anyone remember apple-bobbing?

I think this would look great 
as a centerpiece for a farm table. 
Don't you agree?

Oh how I wish I had a fireplace. 
Do you think "cozy" when you look at this?

This is cute and easy, but think about this with candy corn.

I can just smell the yummy.

Easy peasy!

A box or drawer, 
fall berries and pumpkins
and candles from the Dollar Tree
and less than $10.

I can do something like this with my white jars!
Yes, I can!

No, I didn't scream, 
"Please turn the heat off!"
I'm not ready for 50 degrees either
and they would show me two opposite extremes,
I'm sure. 

I told the teacher next door, 
"These kids are out of control."

She said, "Yes.  Now you know why we can't keep a substitute."


Somebody's got to love them. 
But I think I'd rather love on 
the little ones. 

Can we turn the heat off?



  1. I'm sorry you had such a crummy day. Those kids need to be taught a thing or two!
    I like your Fall ideas. I especially like that box!

  2. So sorry you had the rough day with kids with no respect. Fall is my favorite season, and the pictures show what we have to look forward to. Love the colors of fall.

  3. I believe our heat has been turned off.
    We are having cold rainy days here in the mountains. Where did summer go?!
    We have already had a few fires in our wood burner. Crazy!!
    Speaking of crazy, your class sounded just awful. I take my hat off to you, Bonnie. Good bless you!
    I enjoyed your fall ideas, you shared some beautiful ones.
    Have a blessed week end.

  4. Am sorry you had to put up with those naughty kids. I guess naughty is too good a word for them. We need some good old fashion discipline in our society. We weren't goody two shoes but we were punished and we thought twice next time around.
    Like your fall arrangements. We are turning cooler here. Not ready for it yet. After fall is winter lol... Don't want snow after last years amounts.

  5. Substitute Teachers get a raw deal. The kids know how to push all their "buttons" and it becomes a big joke to them all. Whatever they paid you, it wasn't enough...Love all your Fall pretties. Now come to my house and work your magic here. Please!

  6. I think I did apple bobbing once...maybe :) It's been quite cool here, only getting up to the 50's during the day. I must say that I am loving it and it's making me even more excited for Autumn.

    I enjoyed all of the pretty Fall decorating ideas - thanks for sharing! Have a lovely long weekend.

  7. My goodness that sounds like a horrific day. I hope that you don't get called to go back there again. How on earth does the regular teacher cope with that I wonder. All of your fall decorating ideas are so pretty, I love the idea of the candle in the corn kernels, that really is so easy to do isn't it. Just beautiful. xx

  8. First, I loveeeeeeeeee your new design here..just lovely!!--SECOND--Girl..I would of called the principal down and he/she would of gotten a nice word from, don't mean cuss..I mean..IT IS HIS/HER RESPONSBILITY to provide a safe work environment..sorry you had to go through that..Blessings

  9. Oh my...what a day you had...sorry the kids were bad. I used to teach 3rd grade art, but not sure that I could do that anymore.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. So sorry about your hard day....hope you don't have that class again!
    Love your Fall photos. But, I'm not ready for fall yet! I want more summer... Probably because it's been such a mild summer in PA this year. Heat and humidity was rare. I'll be ready in a few will be nice to see the leaves change. We are surrounded by trees at our new house. I'll love sitting on my porch this fall!
    Blessings to you this day, Bonnie!


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