Friday, August 8, 2014

Just a Little Bit of Nashville

It had been a few years 
since I've been to downtown Nashville.

New restaurants are popping up everywhere.

The traffic was moving along 
and most of the photos of the city are a blur.

With music on every corner, there's no denying that
Nashville is the Music Capital of the World!

We took a ride UNDER the new convention center. 

The city is being restored.

Troy works for the Tennessee
Department of Education.  He took us to
his office on the 18th floor!  (YIKES!)
The view was spectacular. 

The sunset was even more magnificent.

Nashville attracts fans of
The Vols, Predators, Titans, and Sounds.

The Titans play in the arena behind this building.

This is a closer view of The Capital from the 18th floor.

Flip this over:)  This was painted by a TN high school student.
Troy's job with the education department
is to educate, prepare and assist students in the college process.
Now every student can get a FREE education
at any community college in the state.

Of course, our baby girl was the center of attention.

She was such an angel.

Her daddy is goo-goo about her.

God has promised her "a hope and a future."

My baby girl is getting some practice. 
Our little girls are going to be buddies.

We missed Grandy.
Nashville gets all of our extra money
so we have to space it out a bit.
I've made 4 trips to Nashville in the past two months. 

Cora Joy was the main attraction of the weekend.
Don't these blue eyes melt your heart and
aren't those sweet lips kissable?

I miss them already.



  1. I think Grandma is goo-goo for Cora too. LOL. Who wouldn't be. She is a cutie pie. I have not been to Nashville in 25 years. So there would be plenty of changes to me. Blessings for a fun filled weekend,. xoxo,Susie

  2. Oh Bonnie ~ melt my heart. What wonderful photos. What sweet cheeks and lips.

    The cake is so beautiful. How special.

    Isn't being grandma the best!

  3. Bonnie, I grew up in Nashville, so I especially enjoyed the pictures today. You have a precious family.

  4. I love your pictures, Bonnie. You have a gorgeous family and Cora is so sweet. It was nice to see the changes/updates in the city, too. God bless your weekend.

  5. I loved seeing the pictures of Nashville. My son lives close and loves visiting there.
    Your family is beautiful! Glad you had such a nice visit.

  6. Thanks for sharing a little bit of Nashville with us. I've never been, but it sure looks like fun. Beautiful pictures of your family, you really are blessed.

  7. That was sweet. She is a doll. I wish y'all could move because I know that's where your heart is. I pray it can happen soon. ~:)

  8. I love Nashville! That is where my Hubby was born and raised:) His Mother was a teacher there and his Sister still lives there! It is a beautiful city! Love that sweet little one! SHE is SO PRECIOUS!!! Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  9. Smitten...that's you! And I can certainly see why. She is adorable.

  10. Adorable grands! I'm waiting...patiently...:) Have a lovely weekend.

  11. I'm with Sparky---my move close to my grands has been a GREAT move!

  12. lOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS POST. (sorry for shouting, lol)--we passed thru Nashville on the move up here..looks like a very busy city. Blessings

  13. That little angel is a DOLL baby! What a lovely trip with your peeps. I want to visit Nashville one day myself!

  14. What a wonderful time you must have had!! The view from the office window is amazing isn't it. xx

  15. Hey....that city looks a bit familiar...seem like I have seen it somewhere before, lol! Great family photos...precious baby dolls! Yep, you might just have to move... :)

  16. What a wonderful occasion for your beautiful family! Just wonderful photos!

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  18. I love Nashville and almost all parts of Tennessee. Always had a desire to live there one day, but probably won't be happening since nobody would come see me. LOL!

    Love the pics.


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