Friday, September 19, 2014

Restoration Hardware Baby Bedding

I'm little behind on the go-to places.

I honestly had not heard of Restoration Hardware 
until I started blogging.

I had never SEEN Restoration Hardware 
until a magazine arrived in my daughter's mailbox.

Love, love, love

This is a baby crib ruffle.
Oh so sweet!
I want a white one for the pink room.

The fabric for the bumper pad is similar.

Did you know that bumper pads are no longer recommended?
If proven not safe, why continue to sell???

Is this not precious! 
Uh, I'm in shabby chic heaven!

Out of this world, beautiful!

Prices are out of this world too!

The catalog showed a RH child's table
like a wooden spool.

Cost??? $449!  Can you believe???

I think I'll go to Uncle Junks and find one,
sand and paint and voila!

Picking Tomorrow,


Bye baby Bunting
Daddy's gone a'hunting, 
To catch a baby rabbit skin
To wrap the Baby Bunting in.

This was in a Mother Goose book
that I read to my children.


  1. Uncle Junk's sounds mighty promising to me....

  2. I agree...if bumper pads are unsafe, why sell them at all?

    But everything is beautiful! Oh my!

  3. We used to have a Restoration Hardware at the mall near us. We loved it!!! We didn't buy much because of the prices, but what fun to window shop!

  4. Wow, yeah, I would "hit" Uncle Junk's too. That's way outta my price range. I didn't know that baby bumper's where no longer considered safe. Maybe they contribute to crib death? Not ever having had a child or even baby sitting I wouldn't know the first thing about caring for an infant. Thank goodness there's seasoned pro's that can help.
    Congrats again on the forthcoming new addition to the family.
    Luv ~:)

  5. Yes love Restoration Hardware DO NOT love the prices!

  6. I used to love going to their store They had little inexpensive old school type toys and tools. Sometimes they had great clearance items. I bought a nice globe their for 70% off. Not sure if they still have the wall with different kitchen hardware. I couldn't stand the thought of my kitchen a mess while the cabinets were being painted so I just decided to change the knobs. I bought all of them there. They had the exact measurements from long ago. No one else did. This summer I went into the store and was shocked. It had changed so much. Not fun anymore.

  7. What a beautiful set for the crib. I know- I love their stuff just for the ideas! The prices are really extravagant for sure.

    Yes-I took my bumper pads out a long time ago. I never did like them. xo Diaan

  8. I've been to their store, but just go in there to dream. Their prices are really high!!

  9. Love to browse Restoration Hardware, but I have never actually left with anything. It is a good place to get ideas, though. xo Laura

  10. I love your post. By the way..apologies dear friend..I am falling behind on my besties emails. (smiles)--Blessings

  11. Hi Bonnie, just catching up now I am back, I have been reading, just not commenting. I got a lump in my throat reading your post about being lost and how you got home and all that you learned from it. Your decorations are so pretty and add a lovely touch to show the change of seasons. xx

  12. Restoration Hardware Baby Bedding. I'm little behind on the go-to places. I honestly had not heard of Restoration Hardware. until I started ...


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