Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What I Learned I Learned on the Road

I returned late last evening 
from visiting my children in Nashville.

I was able to go with Christy for her
appointment with the doctor and ultrasound.

Is there any doubt that she is PERFECT???

What a sigh of relief and thanksgiving,
when we saw the beating of that little heart.
My heart expanded and beat a little faster
(as my Daddy would say.)

This trip was not without a lesson.
Sometimes God has to SHOW me what 
He wants to TELL me. 

My children know that I have no sense of direction!

I made a wrong turn.
Short way of saying, I took the wrong exit,
went 30 minutes out of the way
and got lost. 

I turned around.
Nothing looked familiar.
Exit again.
The exit would have been fine, 
but I went in the wrong direction.

Wrong TURN.
Wrong exit.
Wrong TURN
Wrong direction.

I called my daughter in law, no answer.
I called my daughter, no answer.
I called my husband, no answer. 

I stopped and asked someone, 
(no my husband would never do that!)
He said, "Take that road."
I do.
Nothing looks familiar.
I almost turn around again.

I called my son in law.
He has the map, GOOGLE!
"You're heading in the right direction.
Just keep going."

In my travels, I have always been one 
exit away from my destination.
In fear, I would stop or turn around.

My fears kept me from going all the way.
I turned too many times short of my destination, 
A six-hour drive, turned into an 7 1/2 hour-drive.

When we think it's taking forever to get there,
we sometimes stop short of our destination.
We go 'round and around that mountain.

What I learned:
1.  When you realize you're going the wrong way, turn around.
2.  When nothing looks familiar and
you know you are on the right road, keeping going.
God may be stretching your faith.
3.  Ask for directions. Sometimes our family in Christ can help.
When they can't, they will lead us to someone WHO can.
4.  Find a map.  Our map is God's Word 
It will always lead us in the right direction.
5.  Don't let fear keep you from moving forward.
6.  Stay on the road.  Don't stop short of your destiny.
Persevere and don't give up!


  1. " Don't let fear keep you from moving forward."...these words of yours, Bonnie...I needed this exact time!

    Glad you had a wonderful trip and got to see that little heart beating steady!

  2. Bonnie, I remember so well last spring being invited to attend my daughter's last ultrasound. It was amazing to see his little face. My heart is full of joy for you and your daughter. Bonnie

  3. So excited that you got to hear Harper Elizabeth's heart beat.

  4. Y'alls excitement makes me excited. I pray all goes well.

    Good lesson about getting lost. The Bible is our best "map" in this crazy world, I agree. Glad you're back safe and sound.

    Luv ~:)

  5. What a beautiful ultrasound. I am so happy that she is perfect and that you found your way with just a few wrong turns. xo Laura

  6. Soooo happy for you and that lovely baby coming to bless you all!!! And directions? You have no idea! We would make a great team!!! I have NO sense of direction... Good thing my hubby does. : )
    Oh, and it looks great around here, my friend! : )

  7. what a great message. so happy that you were able to accompany your DIL while she had the ultrasound.

  8. I'm so glad you got to go to that appt and hear Harper's heartbeat. What a blessing she is already!
    You could write a devotional. You have a real skill at seeing lessons in everyday life. This is a good one.

  9. Some of my greatest adventures come from me getting lost. Good thing.. because I tend to do that a lot. Congratulations .. I bet that you are excited!!!

  10. Well stated, good word! Thank you for sharing your heart and what you learned on the road! Blessings, Cindy

  11. Congratulations and what a beautiful name! I also have a horrible sense of direction! I'm always lost but thank goodness for GPS.

  12. You did it again, my inspire me with you practical life lessons! What a gift you are to your readers. Thank you!
    Blessings to you today!

  13. Love this! I can so relate, as I'm horrible with directions! What a great analogy though! :)

  14. Excellent analogy! Me, I am good with maps and directions, now, my husband, forget it. lol


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