Thursday, September 4, 2014

What Will Fall Look Like

I'm not quite sure what Fall
will look like for me this year. 

I'm never quite sure until I begin.

I painted more jars and got the look I desired. 

I started with lots of foo-foo.

However, less is more for me,

so this

became this.

It still feels like summer here.
When the air becomes cooler and feels like Fall, 
I'll add some color, I'm sure maybe.


To share some news...

We have a name!

Harper Elizabeth Grant

Isn't that beautiful.
My heart overfloweth.


  1. Oh Bonnie - I really like the name. Laura and Aaron are still working on one.
    I love the way your jars turned out.

  2. I think that all of your versions look very pretty indeed, but I understand the urge to try different things and play around until it pleases your own eye! xx

  3. Perfect! I'm not a fan of foo foo either. I like it at other people's homes... just not mine.
    Fall is in the air :-) Have a great weekend!

  4. Love the white fall look and oh that name is great!

  5. Love your burlap wreath!!! I'm so ready for cooler temps!!

  6. Very nice Bon-Bon. My fall colors usually hover around oranges, yellows and dark browns. I LOVE FALL!
    Luv ~:)

  7. Falli is beautiful in your home, Bonnie...
    And the name!!!
    I love it!
    Have a blessed, happy weekend! : )

  8. doesn't need any color, by the way. I love the baby name..congrats..Blessings

  9. I love those Ball jars painted like that. I like your neutral vignette. It's too hot here for Fall décor too.

  10. Your house is decorated so lovely, Bonnie. I can't wait to decorate for Fall too. I usually go with the oranges, but I think this year I will have white pumpkins all over the house! I love seeing all your home décor and ideas. You have great taste.


  11. Again Miss Bonnie your pics are looking great! What type of camera are you using? I love all the old patina on the white. I think Fall around your house is going to be just perfect. I think you need to come over and take my pics for me....Blessings!


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