Saturday, September 20, 2014

What I Love About Being a Vendor

There are many things I love about being
a vendor in a local flea market.

One being this,
other vendors make great friends.

Meet Sue at #3 Antiques.

The idea for the name was inspired.
She said, "#3 because my daughters and me make three."

Sue and I grew up in the same church youth group.
We have since reconnected and share some of the same loves. 

 Sue is one of my best customers.

We have the same tastes.
If we bump into each other she says, 
"When you gonna bring something new?"

She buys from me. I buy from her.
Is there any other way?

If you want something from her booth, you better grab it.
I kept going back to the bench.
I thought about it.

Will it fit?
I measure.

How can I get it home?
Mr. H has the truck.

Is it practical?
Who cares???

It's G-O-N-E!
Understood rule:  If you love it, buy it!
Don't think it about it.

#3 Antiques is my go-to place.
You know, the place that feels like home.

Sue's many hobbies include junking,
collecting, spending time with her family,
particularly the GRANDboys,
and gardening.

Sue says, "I love potting and piddling.
It is food for my soul on days 
when I just need to be."

This is Sue's go-to place.

Love the screen door!

The old sink in the shed was
salvaged from her grandmother's
house when it burned.

Her hideaway holds her collection of
vintage gardening tools, old hose nozzles,
 oil cans and enamel pans.
I love the #3 metal sign.

Much of my home is furnished
with finds from #3 Antiques.

I bought the white chest and it was too small.
 I had a yard sale and she bought it back.

That's the way we roll.

I admired these two pieces and she said,
"Here, take them."

The chest I bought from #3 Antiques a couple of years ago.
It is larger than it looks, and it's perfect. I paid $65 for it.
The most I have ever paid for anything from her booth.
The table under the window was made from a vintage baby bed.

I bought a white vanity and painted it gray.
She bought a gray chest from me and painted it white.

Where did these two came from?
So that was the bump(s) under the rug!
I'll take these, please.

What do I love about being a vendor?

Other Vendors!

Other vendors make great friends.
Other vendors make great customers.
Other vendors make business better.
Other vendors do not compete.  WE compliment.

Drop by and visit #3 Antiques at Hidden Treasures.
Open Thursday-Saturday



  1. I can only imagine how much fun you have browsing through the other vendors booths, and even better if you are friends! I would love to browse with you!

  2. What a wonderful post, and such a friendship and bond you two have formed. Made me smile over and over as I read your adventures of buying and selling and giving and taking..HaHa. That a #3 Friendship.

  3. I love that you buy things from each other. She definitely has a great wye. I would have bought that bench in a flash. xo Laura

  4. I wanna shop there:) Perhaps I will bump into you some day there, wouldn't that be awesome? Yes, it would! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Lovely post...loved all the pictures...especially of the two little bumps in the rug. :) I am sure the other vendors could easily say the same about you, Bonnie! xo

  6. LOVE that bench--have the perfect spot for it---BUT long way to transport. Her "Go To Spot"---color me GREEN!

  7. Looks like you're having fun. :) Pierce county needs cool shops like y'all have up there. The only thing we have to offer is lots of planted pine and farm land.
    Speaking of cool ... now that the weather is less exhausting, it's time to go antiquing! I tend to hibernate during the summer and that includes shopping.
    Thanks for sharing the fun pictures.
    Luv ~:)

  8. How fun for you both to shop and share! Cute kiddos.

  9. AWESOME! We have developed a relationship with the owner of our Antique Mall..isn't that just wonderful when things like this happen? Blessings

  10. How lovely that you have reconnected in this way and that you are such great friends. I hope that you both get lots of customers - as well as each other! xx

  11. What fun! Seems both of you have great taste. Wish you were closer ~ I'd love to stop by.


  12. What a nice post about friendship, Bonnie! I so glad you found me through Cindy at Consider It All Joy, and now I've found you! Oh, we bloggers are tight! I'm following!

  13. Oh Bonnie if I saw that bench at the same time as you I would have knocked you over to get it first lol! That is a keeper for sure. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  14. Such a fun post! Your friendship is sweet, indeed.
    That bench... I'm afraid that you thought about it way too long. What a miss for you.
    Have a beautiful day.

  15. I had to smile at the way you both buy back and forth. What fun!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  16. My friends and I buy/sell things back and forth, too-lol!
    I can see why you love her space...lots of fun things!

  17. This was such a fun post,'s kind of like that old saying, "I'll scratch your back and you can scratch mine", right? It looks like you are having fun and finding some great items...oh yeah...that bench was great too!

  18. What a cute post. Love all the pieces you showed us. When I had my shop I felt the same way about other shop owners. They were all wonderful people.

  19. That's great! You're lucky to have a friend like that.

  20. Wow, what a great booth! I would definitely be buying stuff from her booth. I always wonder what it would be like to be a flea market vendor.

  21. I would come visit if I could, yes I would! Beautiful things she has for sale.....beautifully written words by you describe her wares. Bless you, Bonnie!


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