Friday, September 26, 2014

Jack-o-Lanterns or Just Pumpkins?

I don't decorate for Halloween.
I prefer pumpkins to jack-o-lanterns. 

My niece does a great job at both. 

I prefer simple.

She likes foo-foo too.

She works a full-time job,

teaches painting classes, 
always has a craft project or two going on, 
is director of the children's department,
shuffles her own children to softball, school, and church activities

and is a mommy to these two and a wife to the man in the middle.

When can we do this one, Dawn?

Do you decorate for Halloween
do you, like me, 
just do FALL?

Have a wonderful weekend, 



  1. Your niece is very talented! I'm just a fall gal! No foo foo either but I do appreciate it at other people's homes ;-)
    Have a happy weekend!

  2. Your niece is awesome! Beautiful work. I like both.. I love Halloween ~ funny thing is that my kids who are 23 and 15 really don't care about it ~ but they know mom loves it. : ) I also love to decorate for fall

  3. I don't do much decorating for holidays any longer. I like both styles. These are very cute photos.

  4. Over here it isn't so much a thing to decorate for seasons other than Christmas, but I do decorate a little for autumn and then add a little more for Halloween, it is nice to ring the changes I think! xx

  5. Oh, and I meant to say, your niece is a very talented and clever lady isn't she!! xx

  6. Your niece is very talented, and busy too!
    I'm not a fan of Halloween. I decorate for Fall and Thanksgiving.

  7. I combine the decorations since I enjoy both and especially Halloween. It's just a time to have fun and be "pretend" frightened. If I want to be REALLY scared, I just watch the news.
    Those are very pretty decorations. Your whole family is so talented. Guess I'd better quit being lazy and decorate around here. It does make everything more festive.
    Luv ~:)

  8. I always decorate for Fall..unfort..since we are moving at the end of Oct., and once we get settled, I will decorate for Thanksgiving than Christmas. I prefer pumpkins,btw, LOL. BLESSINGS

  9. So many cute decorations! Love pumpkins:) I haven't done any Fall decorating yet but will be climbing up in the attic soon! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. I love all of these! She is very talented. You're lucky to have her!

    You know, I gave away a ton of stuff last year when I moved so not much to decorate with. :) I'm in a small space so I feel claustrophobic if there's much going on in the decor dept.


  11. I do Fall decorating...don't care much for scary stuff. Your niece is very talented. It certainly runs in the family!

  12. Your niece is a busy one, Bonnie. These are cute pumpkins, I LOVE that first one! I decorate for Fall and Halloween, but don't have too much Fall stuff. And I try to go simple, as you do. :~)


  13. Catching up here on posts I missed... I decorated a bit for Halloween when the kids were young but haven't for years...not into Halloween that much anymore...more into harvest and love decorating for fall. Your niece does great work!


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