Friday, September 12, 2014

"Key" Words

Ever had a word come and
take up residence in your mind?

The word "key" has been rolling
around in my head all week.

What is the deal with me and keys.
I am continually losing or misplacing keys.
It's crazy.

I can't tell you how many times 
I've been locked out of
the car...the house.

As a result I've had 
bruised ribs, wounded pride and
and a frustrated Mr. H.

Can I get a witness?

This week the students' assignment
in Language Arts was to circle 
the "key" words in the paragraph.

Yelp!  "Key" words.

"What is that???"

That's obvious isn't it? It's an important word? 
-Typically a phrase of two or three words that is
 the "key" to understanding what is being said. 
I read one time, 
"You can't open your house with someone else's key."
You hold the key to your own success.  

If you think you can, you will.
If you think you can't, you won't.

There are keys to a successful life.

"Prayer is the key to heaven, but faith opens the door."

"Appreciation is the key to unlock hard work,"

God has placed within each of us
treasures that are waiting to be discovered.
You and I hold the key.

Will we unlock the box?



  1. I love this! First, on a literal, tangible level, I LOVE keys and have even created a key wall in my home! Second, on a spiritual level, I have been using the wrong 'keys' to my own spiritual house and need to take a big step back, take a huge deep breath, bend and pick up the correct key: namely scripture!! Thank you for this post! Blessings, Cindy

  2. For some reason the first thing that came to my mind was KEYstone Cops! lol xo Diana

  3. I have learned the hard way to keep up with my keys:) LOVE those olden keys, I have a collection too! Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Honey, my brain is so overflooded with the thought of "KEYS" trying to open my brain..sorry..that wasn't funny was it? (lol)--Great post..Blessings

  5. Hello, I also have had times when a word will just keep popping up! So I ask what is with this??
    I loved the photos and I was able to read the last couple of posts!
    I find a good book can just help me settle and enjoy! We are always seeking and He is always answering us! He is the KEY!
    Yours Always, Roxy
    Hey, thanks for always encouraging me!

  6. Not too brag but (so far) I've never lost a key. Not that I remember anyway. :)
    I'm feeling better Bon-Bon. I think the grief is beginning to abate. I cry less and think happy thoughts more. Thank you for all the prayers. Jesus has been very kind to me. Hope you all feel the love too.
    Luv ~:)

  7. It is key to have hidden keys to circumvent key stress in your life!

  8. Great post and what a great collection of keys you have. I should wear my keys around my neck. I'm always losing mine too.

  9. Great post! Love your old keys. I have some of them too.

  10. Thought provoking post, my friend. Thoughts to ponder as I relax and go to sleep :)

  11. Hello Bonni,wonderful post. Lost to think about. The key to everything. From your newest follower, Linda

  12. I don't even use keys anymore. I get into my house through the garage which is opened by my garage door opener in the car or a keypad on the outside of the door. My car starts with a push of a button. It reads a signal off my key fob that comes with the car. I'm wondering if keys will soon be a thing of the past!

  13. Hi there! This is my first time to your blog. Love it! I am a new blogger and there is so much to learn. I am browsing around the net checking out the different bloggers and I really like yours, its fun,and inspirational.
    Please FOLLOW my blog and help me get started. Thanx Jo from Anne's Attic - design blog


  14. OMGosh I lost all my entire ring of keys once to my car, house, lock box,lost them while having a yard sale I think I threw them away in trash
    Yes we have our own key to heaven, our faith
    I like the old keys also and have a lot to play with, love them on repurposed necklaces

  15. HI Bonnie.
    ....Love the rusty KEYS (:)
    oh yes the red trailer..cute- cute fun--nnnnn too ..I want one !!


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