Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Very Unsual Post

My tree dosn't usually go up before Thanksgiving.

I am not usually floating around ideas at this time. 
I usually decide on a theme and go with it

This year has been unusally different.

First of all, 
Christy and Troy will be here for Thanksgiving. 
They won't be traveling for Christmas.  
Too close to Harper's arrival.
That's a "Do Not Open until January 29."

So, the usual is being replaced for the unusual.

This is my idea list. 

Small wreath, red balls
Small wreath, white balls
Wreath, red berries
(chunk that one-tried it-wreath too big)

Red ribbon for the wreath
White ribbon for the wreath
(chunk that one-white mirror, white ribbon, no)
Ok, turqoise ribbon
(nope.  tried. no can do)

Clear candy jars for red and white candies
Yes, keep that idea.
Peppermint sticks
Red and white M&Ms
Candy Canes
Peppermint candy
Yummies for sure.


I love the Better Home and Gardens Christmas Ideas 
this year. 
Unsually good!
Maybe, good as usual.
There's so much that you can do with 
the Santa mugs and brush trees. 

Vintage Santa mugs.
I can do this! I have these!
Vintage verses bright and shiny???


Oh, yeah! 
Tried it!
I love my milk glass too much 
to stack and break.
Not to mention that I love my cat
and don't want her dead.

Red or White
Red, white and turqoise
Red, white and aqua.

Vintage or shiney?
Shiney Brites.

Yes, that would work.

I'm feeling a litle unsual today.  
I'm going with something I don't usually do.
I've decided on the white and red.

I've used silver and blue foo-foo.
I've gone vintage.
I've used white and silver foo-foo.
I've gone rusty/crusty.
I've used ironstone, twigs from the yard, old ornaments\
new ornaments.  

Oh I am unusally confused
or am I, 
confused as usual. 

We'll see.
Maybe a little pop of Aqua or Turqoise?

Can you believe on only SIX shopping Saturday's until Christmas!


Who's shopping Saturday?
I'll going to a baby shower for 
Harper Elizabeth Grant. 



  1. I am so impressed that you think about all these things in such detail and write lists and plan it out!! I just get out the decorations that we have and anything that I have bought since last year and then start moving things around from here to there. No wonder it takes me so long, I bet that with your planning you get it all done in half the time! xx

  2. red and white is always my theme every year. love it that you can mix in another color, this year it's black. have fun at the shower this weekend.

  3. I'm like Amy - I think too fast to write it down and be organized about it! You have a gift!! Usually an idea will rattle around in my mind before I ever even realize it's there! Like using pops of red in my white bedroom for Christmas this year. That idea finally finished forming yesterday!
    I enjoyed every picture and every word from your post!!

  4. A theme is indeed beautiful, but too much work for me. I just do my tree with my mix of ornaments, put up my decorations and don't fret! would love to see how yours turn out though!

  5. Christmas is on my mind too, but first Thanksgiving around here:) I know you will enjoy celebrating with the Family and RED and WHITE works for me too! Love doing lots with pretty ribbons! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  6. First of all, I adore the new baby's name; just lovely. I love all your ideas; something about red and white just screams HAPPY!! We switched our theme last year to silver/white/turquoise and I just loved it. Can't wait to see what you end up doing!

  7. Good for you for getting a head start on things. So I take it you are decorating for Christmas at Thanksgiving because the kids won't be there for Christmas? Love all your ideas. xo Diana

  8. Morning, love the vintage goodies you showed, red and white say Christmas... Happy Decorating, Francine.

  9. BonBon, anything you do will look beautiful...seriously. You have a wa y with putting things together and they look fantastic.

    Hugs to you!

  10. {yelling} NO NO NO NO NO--TO EARLY! (your not listening, are you, lolololol)--very pretty--I love their ideas, love the blue and turoquise..but, I am more of a traditional and red...Very nice ideas...I'll be there for Christmas, LOLOL. BLESSINGS

  11. I'm doing red/white and silver this year with vintage..too! I've done these colors before and they make me happy. Have fun with your planning. Can't go wrong with candy in jars.

  12. I'm going out for Thanksgiving so I will start decorating that week and hope to have it finished before Thanksgiving. Then I can relax, shop and wrap and take it easy. I know what decorating I will do. Nothing fancy this year as I will 's probably go up to my sons home. I like to keep it up as long as possible.
    Good luck with your plans and have fun at the baby shower.

  13. I've tried many colors, themes through the years. Not at all sure what it will be this year. I do know that my decor from my old house doesn't quite fit in the new house. Oh dear, I have tubs of stuff that might not work!
    Have fun decorating have good reason for the early =)

  14. I'm still trying to come up with Christmas decorating ideas.. I love everything you've posted. so many pretty ideas.

  15. You have so many beautiful ideas in mind. Red and white is always a great, classic combination.

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  17. Beautiful photos! Can't wait to see what you come up with. I love,love red and it's great mixed with turquoise. Just so you know, I'm feeling very unusual too! :)


  18. I am going to love seeing what you decide and looking at everyone else's this year as I am not planning to decorate. I do love a red and white color scheme. xo Laura

  19. BABY! It is getting close. So happy for your daughter and her husband. Great Christmas ideas.

  20. Bonnie,
    I am starting to decorate my home for Christmas, and these are some great ideas. Aren't those Santa mugs darling? Thanks for the inspiration today.



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