Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas Trees in Candyland

Putting on the finishing touches.

I forgot I had this in the closet. 
It was my mama's.
It was on the TV every Christmas.  
When we divided my parent's things, 
we could only find the tree top. 

I wanted it anyway.
When the sell of the house was final, 
imagine my delight when I found the base.

I made a banner!
Strips of cloth cut from a pack of material from HL.
Yarn wrapped around a square piece of cardboard,
tied in the middle, cut at both ends and tied to the twine.

I could have drapped it from end to end
but I liked the fluff. 

One more add,

a bow for the wreath.

Something's missing.


I think I'll call this
Christmas trees in Candyland.

Okay, maybe I'll drape the banner.  
Too bunchy.

Hope my posts always bring a smile to your face 
and chase the gloomies away. 



  1. Bonnie, I want to come spend Christmas at your house! I love your talent ...and the tree of your mama's is SO the red lights!

  2. Looking very festive .....good job!

    Love those pops of red too.

    Thanks for your visit and kind words.


  3. Bonnie, How sweet that the tree was your mom's. My sister has a pale blue one with blue lights. that is the only tree she puts out any more. It's pretty but it seems sad that she only does that wee tree. I love that you make a cute vignette with all your nice things. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Love the tree and don't think I've ever seen it in white. I know it means a lot to you because it was your Mom's!! Your decor is adorable as always.


  5. Your posts ALWAYS bring a smile to my face!! You are an amazing decorator. It looks so festive.
    I hope to get some things out after the 2 Thanksgiving family events we have here next week. Can't wait!

  6. it looks really "sweet". I had my grandmothers for a long time but it was green. I have a santa one that's ceramic with lights.
    You are ready, isn't it a relief. I have decorated a little. I knew once I pulled things out someone would want to come see the house.

  7. You're doing it again! What a pretty Christmas vignette. I love it!

  8. I love your tree! It is beautiful and so perfect for your setting too. xx

  9. Oh, I love this, Bonnie! You are so talented and creative. The porcelain tree is a real treasure and the vignette is gorgeous. Have a wonderful day!

  10. I love your Christmas in November! It gets me excited to start decorating! I know your Family will enjoy being with you for Thanksgiving! Sending HUGS your way!

  11. It's beautiful! My mom and grandma had a tree like that too. Years ago I was lucky enough to find one at a thrift shop.
    Have a great day

  12. Umm....your coming here, righttttttttttttt???? (giggles)--GF you are so talented!!!!! Blessings

  13. I like it! ANd I have a vintage ceramic tree that belonged to Jim's grandmother...just like yours except it's green with multi-colored lights...I love getting it out every year! Well, you are on a roll now, so what's next??

  14. your tree brought tears to my grandmother had one just like it and now I wonder who got it?

  15. Hi Bonnie! I saw your comment at Theresa's blog, Theycallmeganky. Your blog name intrigued me. Sounded so fun. SO I had to stop by and say hi. Hope your having a great evening Love you pretty decorations for the Christmas holiday. You have a creative heart. My sister, I beleive, has a little green tree like yours. She inherited my aunt and uncles home which was my maternal grandmothers home originally, and my auntie loved Christmas so my sis got all her cool stuff. She had a huge angel collection too but my sis is no fun. She stored them all away. Makes me sad. I have found a few angels at the thrift stores, the old school angels. I would love to have them all. Those ceramic Christmas trees are quite sweet. Glad you found the top. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Anne

  16. Bonnie what a gorgeous Christmas vignette and how wonderful to find the base of your Mum's Christmas tree to enable you to carry on the family tradition. Have a lovely weekend my friend.

  17. Love your vignette! Red and white are so pretty together! Love your little tree and that you found the base, how special it is to have a family piece!! Blessings, Cindy

  18. You are so creative!! My step-mother used to make those ceramic trees way back when. My daughter and I both had one...not even sure what happened to them.

    Lots of red that I love! :)



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