Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Tree

My sister-in-law fell and broke her hip on Sunday evening.
I was at the hospital yesterday waiting for them to do surgery.
I kept two of her grandchildren today.
They helped me put up the tree.

I couldn't find my new tree skirt and 
I wasn't about to open every box in the attic.
I'll just get a cheapo at the dollar store.
Still trying to keep it simple.

Every year I'm downsizing more.

This was my tree last year.

This was my tree two years ago.

The past few years I've used all of my mom's ornaments. 
I'm still using a few, but this year I felt like I needed a change. 

I'm going from this...

 to this,

still using some of my mom's favorites

while adding a pop of color.

I bought the red and turquoise at the after Christmas sales last year.
My little ones will love the color and I get to be a child again. 

Please keep my family your prayers. 
I am intentionally choosing to count my blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving, 


I've already had to get the spray bottle to Callie.
I'm putting up the tree, 
she's determined to pull it down.


  1. I hope that things pick up for your family very soon and that your SIL's recovery from surgery is a very good and very quick one. Keep taking care and enjoying the simple things. Your tree is beautiful! xx

  2. Your tree is really pretty. I love the colors. Sweet Callie is intrigued by that tree/ornaments! Praying your sil heals quickly; so sorry to learn of her injury. God bless you and yours Bonnie. Love, M

  3. Oh no:( I will be praying for this family! Love your tree and all of those sweet ornaments! I am itching to work on mine! Have a blessed day and an extra special Thanksgiving! HUGS!

  4. sorry about your sisterinlove...I love sentimental..your tree is so pretty and I bet the kids enjoyed helping you

  5. Morning, sorry to hear about your Sis in law, terrible. Love the tree decorated with the reds and blues, so pretty. Blessings Francine.

  6. Your tree is beautiful and I will say a prayer for you SIL..

  7. Your tree and decorations are beautiful! I love the white shelf filled with pretty Christmas items :)

    I am so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law! She will certainly be in my prayers.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

  8. I love the skinny tree!!!! We haven't gotten one yet, we prefer a fat, happy real tree, LOLOLOL---Bonnie, I need help decorating, you busy (rofl)--love you sweet friend. Blessings

  9. Your tree is pretty!
    So much to be Thankful for!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Your tree is beautiful, Bonnie. I have a skinny tree too. Mine is about like the one you had last year. Like you, I have had an array of different trees through the years but for the past several years, the skinny tree works best in my space. I am indecisive about what all I am putting up this year since we will be spending Christmas in Nasville. I need to put up most of them to get myself in the spirit of things I think...we shall see...Prayers for you SIL as she heals and Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. So sorry to hear about your SIL. and will be praying for her.
    Your tree looks beautiful Ours is going up tomorrow night after our Thanksgiving guests leave.

  12. Love the colorful tree! So sorry about your SIL. Praying for a quick recovery.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie!

  13. Beautiful trees and ornaments, Bonnie. I can't wait to get our tree this year. Thinking of your sister-in-law and saying a prayer for her.



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