Friday, November 7, 2014

One of One Thousand Gifts: Mary Grace

Last October I started reading the book, 
One Thousand Gifts.

The idea is to record the gifts 
for which you are grateful
until you get to one thousand. 

I'm sad to say that I stopped at 69.  
I only recorded them for a week or so.
Imagine the volume had I continued.
A year ago this month, 
a new baby girl made it home. 

Read about it here.

In my journal I wrote, 
A new baby girl and her mommy on American soil
and family at the airport to greet them. 
Huge smiles make me smile and I am thankful.

Alisha's greatest desire next to serving Jesus
was to have a child. 
God put it on her heart to adopt a child from Ethiopia, 
a part of the world where children rarely make 
it to their 5th birthday.

When God called Alisha to make a difference 
in the lives of children, she had no 
idea that Mary Grace would be her gift.

(A year ago)

The adoption process was longer 
than she had anticipated with constant delays. 
A paper is missing... the court is not in session...
one thing after another. 

Finally after almost 3 years, 
little Mary Grace has a permanent home. 

(This is now)

Is she not adorable!

Have you ever seen any eyes more beautiful?!

She is truly a gift.



  1. PRECIOUS! No guilt over failing to list---Thanking Him is all that is required!

  2. God loves All the little children!

  3. Bonnie, That is a blessing for both mother and child. I like the idea of writing down our blessings. I have always said my four daughters were my greatest gifts in life. xoxo,Susie

  4. What a precious child and bless her mother for giving her a home and love. xo Laura

  5. Oh how I love adoption stories! We have 3 bio children, and 1 adopted child. All are such a gift! . . .BTW, on my last post I whined about a cold, I thought long and hard before I posted it since I have several friends (including you) who are dealing with really difficult health. I hope you understand the light-heartedness of my post. No comparison to the hard times you are dealing with.

  6. Oh my...she is adorable! What a blessing!

  7. How lucky for you all especially Mary Grace

  8. What a beautiful gift indeed. The only sad part is that it took three years for the process to be complete. She is darling. xo Diana

  9. My first thought was those incredibly beautiful eyes! What a precious gift and blessing to bring her to a safe place with food, water, etc.


  10. Oh yes...she truly is a gift! She is adorable!

  11. She is adorable and lucky to be in a permanent, loving home! Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  12. A beautiful gift indeed. Perhaps you didn't keep on filling the book in because your heart realised that it was already full, you certainly seem to have a very full heart and it is very full of kindness and love. xx

  13. What a beautiful post. A blessing from God to unite a mother and daughter from two very different worlds.


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