Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dreams Do Come True

I believe in Promise.

I believe that Dreams DO come true.

I wait with HOPE

Someone else waited.

Three years later 
and months 
of holding on 
to HOPE...

Mary Grace Darsey.

For this child we prayed.

Today we celebrated.

Years ago, God put within Alisha 
a dream to make a difference
 in the life of a child.

Doors would open...
Door would close...

Last year a stocking was hung on the mantle
for Mary Grace
praying for doors to open in Ethiopia.

This year Mary Grace is the perfect gift-
child of wonder, child of grace.

We wanted to make it perfect for her.

Pink, pretty, and yummy 
and I got to use my milk glass cake plate!

One of our hostesses made the LEMONADE banner.

I used my candle holders, topped with mercury glass votives
and vintage pink Christmas balls.

Another hostess made the diaper cake.
Looks yummy atop a white plate stand, 
threaded with pink ribbon.

Can't have a celebration without balloons!

The banner spells 
"Mary Grace."

This is the tree from my pink room,
my favorite!

The song keeps rolling around in my head...

I am a Promise
I am a Possibility
I am a Promise
with a Capitol "P"
I can be anything, 
anything God wants me to be!

Yes, Mary Grace, 
you are a PROMISE 
for you, There is POSSIBILITY

Dreams Do Come True, 
I Believe, 



  1. How wonderful!!!! She could not have been given to a more wonderful family.. To God be the glory!!! Blessings!

  2. How wonderful their dreams came true! And what a lovely party to welcome Mary Grace into her new life!

  3. Dreams do come true! What a beautiful birthday party for Mary Grace. Thanks for sharing.


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