Thursday, December 26, 2013

Remembering the Simple

The second half of my children 
are still here.

They are getting ready to spend 
a few minutes with their grandmother 
while I am enjoying a few moments of quiet-

a chance to pause and reflect.

My daughter painted the frame, added the burlap,
and the silver leaf ornament.

After reading my last post, 
I realize how depressing it must have sounded.
I am brutally honest to a fault 
when I share my raw emotions.

Today I choose to be thankful-
thankful for the simple pleasures...

Thankful for the simplicity of a child-like faith
that sustains me through the incredibly stifling places.

Thankful for the small things that
remind me of Christmases past,
gone but not forgotten.

My heart swells with pride for these

and these.

And precious memories of these.

May God give us peace 
as we remember
what will no longer be.

Happy New Year, 


  1. Hi there, Bonnie!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I only had one of my children here yesterday and NO grandchildren. It just didn't seem like Christmas! Oh well, I believe in accepting whatever the Lord brings my way. ♥

  2. I can relate to feeling loss at Christmas time since our oldest son was gone to boot camp this Christmas and has been gone since October! It has felt very different this year. I am thankful though that we will be united soon though. I hope that you were able to have a nice Christmas this year after all and focus on your blessings and not just your loss. I know it can be hard to do though.


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