Monday, December 16, 2013

I Think I'll Take the Light

God often speaks to me in a word or whispers in my ear a couple of words. 

Upon further consideration, I most often find that the word or words are pressed within small LARGE
portions of TRUTH in HIS WORD!

A year or so, God whispered in my ear, "unfamiliar path."

I thought, "This is the path that God called me to so many years ago."
I waited with anticipation for a good path and the fulfillment of long-awaited dreams.

Instead, the path has been dark and the way unclear.

A few months ago, the Lord said, "I will fight for you."

I found in His word over and over, "I will fight for you. You need only to be still."

And my journey has been one of fighting against principalities of the dark world and waiting.

For the past few years, God has been speaking, "Light," into me. 

There is something about Light.

About the coming Messiah, 
Isaiah spoke, 

"The people walking in darkness 
have seen a GREAT LIGHT, 
on those living in the land of the shadow of death, 
a Light has dawned."  
Isaiah 9:2

There are so many things that can be said about light.
Light illuminates.
It dispels the darkness.

I was filing for someone a few weeks ago.
It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining through the window.

As I filed, it seemed the light grew dim, and I could not see.
I realized I had failed to turn on the light.

Someone else said while waiting for the driver to go on the green light, 
"He's wasting the light."

How many times do we waste the LIGHT-
God says, "Go," and we stay and the light becomes darkness.

Or, the light grows dim because we failed to deliberately seek the LIGHT.

Because Jesus came, there is LIGHT.
In our darkness, HE IS THE LIGHT.

When I was young enough to think I was cool, we took our youth group white water rafting.
We got lost and arrived at camp at 3am.

We thought we were getting a chalet, instead we got a cabin in the woods.

Scared to death, 
  arm in arm 
     with few flashlights
         in the pitch of night,
              we marched to our campsite.

Hallway there, my fellow sojourner screamed and 
    went down
        as in, fell-in-a-hole

Somewhere between the Ha and the Ha of laughing hysterically
      I fall into the same hole.

Several things I learned...

1.  You need light to reach your destination.

It was darker than an ace of spades.
We could not see the finger in front of our faces.
How on earth did we think we could find our cabin?
This journey was not to be taken in the dark.

2.  You can't depend on someone else's light.

Only a few, carried a flashlight
and they were a few yards ahead of us.
I learned that when I carried the light, 
it was only enough for me.

3.  You must keep your eyes on the light, 
taking one step at a time.

If I looked ahead, 
I could only see darkness.

The light was only enough 
to reveal the next step.

4.  If you fail to walk in the light, 
you will cause someone else to stumble.

Yes, I was in the hole too!

Jesus is our light.
He has come near that
we may no longer walk in darkness.

Next time, I think I'll take the light,



  1. Oh, Dear Bonnie- I so needed to hear this tonight. One thing you said just jumped out at me- When you are in darkness the light is only enough to see the next step. Amen and amen. I liken it to the saying you walk a mile-you see a mile. This was a wonderful, wonderful post. You may have written it just for me. xo Diana

  2. So thankful in knowing him, we no longer are in darkness...for HE is the LIGHT! Beautiful post~~~Roxie

  3. Beautiful well thought out and stated post Bonnie. Merry Christmas


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