Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ladies in Fellowship Together: Which Christmas Table is Your Favorite?

Tablescapes Revealed

I honestly can not decide
which I like the best.

I'll let you decide.

If I had to name the one that 
caught my attention first, 
it would be this one.

I would give it the award for 
The Most Festive.

In the Blogging World, 
we call the things that are
pleasing to the eye, "eye candy".

This table was filled with more 
than "eye" candy.

A kid's paradise.
there was candy in every corner!

The centerpiece was the sweetest presentation, 
"Happy Birthday, Jesus."

These girls had a party!

I arrived early and some of the artists 
had not finished their masterpieces.

I'll call this, 
Blue Christmas.

However, you'd be anything, but blue
with this centerpiece for your Christmas table.

The sweet little aluminum trees 
melted my heart.

The girl who did this is 
one of my dearest friends.
She is a teacher 
and knows how to celebrate the season
down to the smallest detail.

The table was filled with presents, 
garland, ribbon, bows, balls and confetti.

The Pink GA Table
was another favorite of mine. 

The transfer ware is considered "red"
but is more pink in color.
These plates were made in England 
to commemorate Georgia history.

The Blue GA Table
was set beautifully with silver accents.

The plates were atop silver round place mats
and the center was sprinkled with snowflakes. 

A closer look at our Peach State blue plates. 
These are usually accentuated with Blue Willow pieces.

Love the Christmas plates 
and the traditional colors of Christmas.
I thought this was simply eloquent.

Jesus, the Reason for the Season
was divine!

A collector of crosses,
she created a beautifully displayed symbol
of Jesus from the manger to the cross.

The guests at this table were given a cross.

The faux amaryllis was the perfect flower
for the theme of this table.

Christmas birds and red berries
were delightful atop the red of the tablecloth,
gold charges, and white plates.

To me, there's nothing like a white dinner plate.

These plates were some of the prettiest
and can be used for most any occasion.

I wanted to pack these
and take them home with my stuff.

Balls in a bowl always make a statement.

Eloquent with gold, red and green.

I've have to say the lantern captured my heart.

The red birds blew me away!

A Nativity centerpiece
amid crystal, porcelain and gold.

The irony of the setting is this..

Jesus was born in a simple setting
among the sheep and cattle, and
worshiped by both the minor and the majestic.
What a thought!

And last, but not least
the massive tool box
that I adore!

What you can't see is my ball jars
with tea lights.

They'll show up in another post,
I'm sure.

The personality of each table
was a reflection of the person by whom
it was designed.

Which reflects your personality?
Do please comment.
My friends would like to know.



  1. Oh- I love them all! But that first one IS so festive and I love the one with the green tablecloth and red birds! All are lovely- xo Diana

  2. Oh my goodness, who could ever decide which of these was the most beautiful! So many wonderful designs and colors. I love the tool box too. I have one on my dining table with jars in it...So, I guess I am drawn to that one....Did I miss what brought everyone together for the table designs? What a great idea. I am going to remember this one for our ladies fellowship at church next year or maybe in the Spring. Blessings!


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