Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sentimental Ornaments

I didn't keep the paper
Sunday School ornaments.

I kept one preschool ornament 
of my son's fingerprint.

It hangs on the tree in his old room.

My baby who was 3 years old 
is now 28!

I kept all the Hallmark ornaments
but the ones dear to my heart 
were made a friend.

She cross-stitched their names.

Born in 1982, my baby girl is now 31.

This was made for my baby boy, 3 years later. 

These ornaments will forever find a place 
on my tree until they are ready to take them home
for their babies to enjoy.
Call me a "sentimental fool."

It's beginning to look like Christmas!



  1. I love those special things, Bonnie. Last year I gave all the kids their special ornaments and split my huge Santa collection between the four of them- xo Diana

  2. Bonnie, I wish I had an ornament like that of each of my daughters' thumb prints.So special. I have given the girls their ornaments they help make and collect through the years...but I still have some to look at and take that memory trip of the good old days. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


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