Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Year in Review

This has been a year of healing.
What started with
brokenness and
shattered dreams,
ended with hope and promise.

It was a year of much emotion-
as I worked out my salvation
"with fear and trembling," and
faced the demons of my past.

It was a year of taking
 three steps forward
and two steps back;
however thankful for
making progress
 one step at a time.

So, I take a moment to
pause and reflect.

In January,
I was a host home for
a Girl's Weekend.

We painted canvases
as a reminder that certain labels
do not define us,
but who we are in Christ does!

In February, I enjoyed a stay in Nashville.
I always love the little touches that
make my daughter and her husband's house a home.

Spring came early this year,
and with it new beginning.
I began to see Promise in the pain.

By April, I could once again BELIEVE-
that roses would bloom again.

In May, we took our annual trip to Hilton Head, SC.
It was different this year-
our first without the children.

Lessons were learned in the quiet.
Sometimes in life, we almost miss the sunset.
The week was a turning point for me.

Mornings before sunrise,
with quiet walks on the beach
were just what I needed
for God to restore to me the joy of my salvation.

June was a month for bridal showers, events, and weddings.
I relished the opportunity to glean new ideas.
I was delighted to find a friend who loved
hobnail milkglass as much as I.

In July,
White Lace and Promises
came home to Hidden Treasures,
the flea market where it all began.

The next month I would lose
my part-time job at the bank.
God, in His wisdom, knew
what I would need.

In August, I partnered with my husband,
to teach the college/career youth.
It has been a blessing.

One of my girls made me this.
I display it to remind myself
to pray for her daily.

This was our last night together
before their journey took them different places.

September was harvest time
and in Georgia "when those cotton
balls get rotten, you can pick very much cotton."

In October, we celebrated
our grandson's birthday.
He napped the afternoon
and we enjoyed Nashville Flea Market's
biggest weekend of the year.

In November,
I got busy with new projects
from wooden pallets.

These were great additions to my booth.

The annual Ladies in Fellowship Together
brought us all together 
as each hostess presented tables 
that represented their personalities.

Somewhere in the midst of the year's activity, 
I turned a corner, 
the heaviness lifted.
I discovered renewed hope and vision.

I hope the New Year is a Happy One.
I anticipate NEW BEGINNINGS, 



  1. Many hugs to you Bonnie. I hear much wisdom here in your journey. xo, olive

  2. Bonnie-What a wonderful reflection on the past year! This year has been one of breakthroughs for me as well-lots of thinking, and dealing with issues, and claiming my freedom in Christ. Looking forward to getting to know you in 2014!


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