Monday, December 9, 2013

Feels Like Christmas at the Beach

This feels like
Christmas at the Beach.

I've never been to the beach in December.

That may be changing soon.

With the cool wind blowing, 
I think the white sand would make me think of snow.

The closest thing I'll get to a White Christmas
is a cottage on the beach.

Want to come along?

Dreaming in White, 


  1. Yes,I'll come along! I love the beach and have never been in December either. We do have snow on the ground and more on the way tonight, so a few days in warmer weather sounds great! Loved the blue willow tablescape in the post below!

  2. You have NO idea how much I would like to come along! I love the beach in ANY season of the year...and after moving to the Midwest from Florida I would LOVE to see the beach in December again! xo Diana


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