Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Timewashed Pumpkin

Yesterday morning 
my husband and I had war.

Mr. H: "Somebody's out there."
Me:  "I can't go.  I haven't got on a bra."
(I am never without my bra, seriously!)
Mr. H:  Sitting with an afghan over him, 
"I haven't got on..."
Me:  "WHAT???"

It was the postman leaving a package.
I'd forgotten that I had ordered 
a pumpkin from Etsy.
I rarely buy from Etsy, but 
this time I couldn't resist. 

Oh yeah, back to the story.
We heard the car drive away.
He left it at the door.

Me: "Now go get you some clothes on!"

(No seriously, he wasn't naked and
he wasn't dancing before the Lord either.)
Thank Chonda Pierce for the laugh!

Visit Becky's blog,
and order yours  today.

It was packaged so pretty!

She included a freebie,
two hand crafted tags.

It's the size of a medium pumpkin.
I am more than satisfied.

Do you like?


She's got some really great goodies.

Laughter Doeth Good Like Medicine, 



  1. Oh this is so funny!! I love the pumpkin though, but it is almost worth ordering for the beautiful way it is packaged I imagine! Have you seen the film Love Actually, there is an amazing scene where one of the people is getting a gift wrapped for his would be lover and it is wrapped as beautifully as this. I never thought that a real package would be this beautiful, but this one really is! xx

  2. Love the pumpkin and the story... it made me giggle:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. That was so funny!!!! Sounds like something we would argue over, lolol. Loveeeeeee what you got in the mail...nope...I have never ordered from Etsy or anywhere. Blessings

  4. What a cute pumpkin and cuter story!! I always hope the mailman will just leave it at the door!

  5. It is always the same discussion in our house when someone comes to the door. It looks like one of us would wear decent clothing around the house! I love the pumpkin you chose - it is bound to make your Thanksgiving pretty.

  6. Lol! I never go without a bra either...except when I am getting a shower! Funny story...sounds kinda like at my house on some evenings. If I know I am not going out again, I usually put on a night gown right after I get home from work and it never fails...someone will come to the door! Jim is usually in his robe when he is there and neither one of us want s to answer the door. The pumpkin really cute. I have been planning on making some of the velvet ones but soon pumpkin season will be over...I better get busy!


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