Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The North and the South Unite

There are many things I love about living in the South.

In the South, there's a setting somewhere 
fitting for a rustic wedding with southern charm.

Depending on the season,
there's a cotton field
or a field of sunflowers
just down the road, 
and a barn or a pond make great wedding photos.

I borrowed a few wedding photos from a friend.

Mel and Karen tied the knot on March 29, 2014.

Members of the 
Washington County Civil War Reenactment group,
there was no question what the theme would be.

The North and The South were indeed united on this day.

Who would have ever thought in the 70's 
that there would ever be anything but white lace and ruffled tuxes.

Most of the weddings I've attended this 
year have not been in a church.
Most of them have been romance in a field
without the lace and frills.

Mel and Karen, 
a soldier and a belle, 
continue to reside in Washington County, GA. 

This weekend the Washington County chapter will perform
Washington County's Civil War on the courthouse square. 

Hopefully, photos will follow.

Have a Terrific Tuesday, 


  1. This is the first theme like this that I have seen. I have friends that would love this.

  2. So many fun weddings nowadays, and many outdoors...my daughter was married in an apple orchard barn last year.

  3. Oh, how unique and fun. She is a beautiful bride!

  4. Awesome setting! Love an outdoor wedding! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Things sure have changed….even since our wedding in 1991! I love that the groom donned a ball and chain!!!

  6. What a great theme for a wedding. I wish I could see all of the photos...something going on with blogger and many photos are blank...will return later to see the rest :)

  7. That is definitely the current trend in weddings. I've been to one that was somewhat similar and the photos were beautiful. Will be attending another in early Dec which will be held in a huge Barn venue. Can't wait! Our daughter is planning an outdoor wedding in a courtyard outside our church. If the weather cooperates it will be great. There's is truly a wedding of North meets sout as the groom is from Maine and dd was born in FL but has grown up in Louisiana. Fun times...Hope you're feeling stronger, Friend!

  8. Yes, I too am amazed at the different themes.. guess you could call it that. But I like it. I think weddings were getting much too expensive too. So it's nice to have some local places for them. Blessings , xoxo,Susie

  9. That is really cool. Yep, southern things/living are different. There are some things I do miss...Blessings

  10. One thing that would make this mom way too nervous would be planning an outdoor wedding. If any of my kids would want it, I'd certainly do it..yes I would. Anyway, those pictures are lovely!

  11. You're right about farm style weddings becoming so popular. My neice got married on a farm too. But hers was still very formal.

  12. Beautiful! Save your Dixie cups, the South's gonna rise again! :)


  13. It looks like a beautiful wedding. I have never been to one outdoors, perhaps one day! xx


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