Friday, September 18, 2015

A Bucket of Fall

Just a bucket of Fall to leave with you.

Remember the big yard sale?

A rusty bucket

filled with $1 pumpkins,

makes a cute centerpiece.

I'm headed home again...

The present-day Danny and Sandy
from the original 1999 WCHS Grease Debut.
(taken last weekend)

so my baby girl can rehearse for the Big Show next weekend.

Have a Great Weekend!



  1. A great display for not much money. Great job.


  2. Hey Bonnie! Its been a while since I have stopped by...You've change your name! I love it.. Lots of changes in you life lately. I love the little pumpkins..Where did you find them for $1? Love them in the bucket.. I still have not decorated for Fall... Gotta get to it. Blessings My Friend!

  3. Your baskets of Fall are breathtaking...Congrats to your daughter for the Play she's in. Have a great day! I'm loving Fall and enjoying walking through my home and seeing all the Fall decorations. Sending love and hugs.

  4. Less is more! This is so simple yet so cute and perfectly says "Fall is here!".

  5. Adorable centerpiece! I love cheap. Cheap is good :)

  6. Love that little bucket of pumpkins! Fallish for sure! Have a blessed day dear Bonnie, HUGS!

  7. Love that bucket. Have a safe trip, Bonnie. Blessings

  8. A nice variety of pumpkins :) Enjoy the show! Blessings, Cindy


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