Monday, September 14, 2015

Brown Bottles, A Fall Morning, and Life Events

What an incredibly cool, FALL, 73 degrees morning.

About to light the Yankee Harvest Candle
that the kids gave me for my birthday.

The pumpkin was a $1 Dollar Tree find.

I found the small brown bottle and jar
at the big yard sale for 25 cents each. 
Yeah, baby!

I think I paid $1 for the larger one.

I am one emotional creature this morning. 

It was a great weekend with so many life events.

Christy and friends had a ball.
Rehearsing for the big show was a blast.
The freshmen in theatre now were not even born
when she performed in high school. 
My nephew, Sam, light tech for the show,
was born when Christy was a Senior.

It was a big day for baby girl.

She traveled well.

And got to know several of her cousins. 

In between here and there, I watched Nerium LiveStream.
Several of my friends were recognized on stage.
It was hype, hype, hype!
And now I am dragging.

A benefit concert was held for Emerald
and I was not able to be there. 
I am doing a FB auction. 
If you would like to bid on Nerium Firm Body Contour Cream, 
the present bid it at $55.  The cream retails for $110.
I am matching it dollar for dollar. 
Emerald has Thyroid Cancer which has invaded her lymph nodes.

I hate cancer and I am so angry!
This awful disease has invaded
the lives of those that I love.

Please continue to pray for Emerald and Hutch. 
Hutch will travel to Houston, TX
for further evaluation and treatment soon. 

I am heavy hearted but not without HOPE!
So many lives have been touched 
and I can't imagine what a miracle would mean
for the glory of God and these families. 

Blessings to You All, 



  1. Sending prayers and good thought your way!


  2. It sounds like your weekend was packed, girlfriend! Cancer is an ugly monster, that's for sure...even uglier when children and young folks fall prey to it. Still praying.... Oh, and that $ Tree pumpkin is precious....I'll be looking around here for those :)

  3. Oh my! So much going on! I am trying to catch up as I am new to your blog. So sorry for the awful cancer invading your family! We have a myriad of diseases in my immediate family but I know I have to stay hopeful too because my hope is in my Lord. My devotion last night was exactly about that and it is the reason to go on. Keep looking UP!

  4. Precious pictures of the baby! So happy she was a happy traveler :)
    I love Yankee Candles! Guess it time to dig out my Fall stuff. Sorta dragging my feet at it. It feels like Fall today so I best get on the wagon :)
    Hate it too....cancer took both my parents. Praying for those you love who are ill.

  5. Bonnie, That candle is going to be so nice. Love your new treasures. Praying for your loved ones. I hate cancer too. Bonnie. I wish we could find a cure soon. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. You were certainly a busy lady! Oh the fun of it all. :-)
    I will be praying for your loved ones you have shared with us.
    Working with Hospice I have seen the sadness of cancer and such pain that comes with it.

    Your dollar pumpkin is too cute. Today I put out some fall decorations around the house, just love it!
    Blessings~ Debbie

  7. Keeping your friends in prayer....Blessings

  8. Will certainly keep your friend in my prayers... I hate cancer too! Hugs!


  9. no wonder you are exhausted. So sorry for the cancer....we all hate it. God is good, our prayers will help.

  10. Beautiful browns, golds and Fall pretties! Praying for those in need of prayers! Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  11. Prayers for your friends and all those with cancer. It's an insidious disease and I hate it too! I spoke with a guy I used to work with this week and he's been battling cancer for almost 8 years. I had no idea! I asked why he didn't retire and he said the RX he had to take was $11,000 monthly!! I think that's criminal. Look at the money that is being made by someone's ill health. :(

    Love your candle and fall colors!


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