Monday, September 7, 2015

That's All?

Linda Conley, you have got me on a roll now!

I try to post all things seasoned with grace,
but I tell you what, I am having to pray about this.
I don't usually post anything about politics or religion, 
but what I see everyday is ridiculous. 

When even our commercials begin to
make wrong right and right wrong, 
something is seriously WRONG.

Since the supreme court ruling on marriage, 
I have seen more rainbows and TV shows
on the union of same-sex relationships.

I told Mr. H yesterday.
What scares me is that our grandchildren 
and many of your children will grow 
up thinking that this is the norm. 

I believe that we are living in the end-times. 
Read Romans 1.

When I went to check out at a store 
a few days ago, I was asked if 
my debit card contained a chip.
I said, "What?"
She said, "Let me see your card."
She said, "It does."
She said, "Just put your card in there.
That's all you need to do."

"That's all???"
What will "That's all you need to do" mean in the near future?
When will a chip in the card, become a chip in the hand. 

Oh, God how hard will it be for my children to 
resist a chip in the hand if it means feeling their children. 

These are my thoughts and my fears today. 

For these I pray...

May they hold to the profession of their faith without wavering.

Protect our children and our grandchildren.

Until you bring them safely home. 

This is my prayer today, 


For those who are praying for Hutch. 
He has begun radiation.

He has been discouraged because things 
did not work out as we had prayed. 

He doesn't want pity. 
He has hope.

He has a host of people who are surrounding 
him with love and prayers, helping him on his farm, 
and helping him finish building the house that he started.

Yes, he is a hard working young man.

Continue to believe with me. 


  1. Aww...Amen to your words dear Bonnie. I have said nearly the exact words, my what a concern for our precious grandbabies.

    We are so nearing the coming of Christ, and judgement is sure to come. We are a disgrace in America.

    Your family is precious. :-)

    God bless you~ Debbie

  2. It is just scary what our world is coming to, Bonnie. I worry for my grandkids, too. You have such a lovely family-that is a wonderful blessing.

    I have been away from blogging so didn't know about Hutch. Sending up a prayer for him. xo Diana

  3. First, keeping Hutch in prayer...

    Please forgive my spelling---I am brain fried as my 3 classes on M,W,F have no ac in the buildings and it is once again 90* and very humid;

    Second, gurl (wink)....I just came in from classes and saw my name and went, what?!? LOL---Yes, friend, dire straights we are in. As for the Supreme Court, let me give everyone a little History lesson, please. The Court over reached---GAY MARRIAGE is not a law, the Court can not make a law, the Legislature Branch does (Congress/ House of Rep). There is no law whatsoever about marriage in the Constitution, it has always been a tax issue and a Holy Sacrament from the church. This push is way above what the court can do...end of soap box. As for the chip in a human---that is the mark of the beast and since I am to lazy to go look it up in the Bible --GOD'S WORD, I will leave it at that.

    Ok, going to go a step further, I fully support the KY clerk ---who was thrown in jail by a rogue judge---as for these news pundits---they haven't a clue--she wasn't issuing ANY marriage licenses-gay, straight, purple, polka dotted etc. Maybe I need to be a lawyer instead of a History teacher/professor????? You think, lol

    Ok, feel free to delete this...Bonnie, smiles

  4. It may not be the end of times but it's certainly the end of our society. America doesn't really exist anymore except in our memories. Everything that the government has done in the past 100+ years has been overreach. It started with that maniac Abraham Lincoln, down to Woodrow Wilson (who introduced Socialism into government affairs) and continues on unabated today. It's quite sad, really.
    Prayers for Hutch. May it please Almighty God to heal him, but, no matter what, may God's will be done.
    Hope y'all are enjoying Tennessee. It's a great State. ~:)

  5. I agree wholeheartedly! I think we are in the end times - I keep hearing and seeing more signs. I too, fear for my kids and grands. It's hard times to be growing up.
    Thanks for the update on Hutch. I'm praying!

  6. Amen, Bonnie! It breaks my heart to see what's happening to this wonderful country! I grew up in the '50's and couldn't have asked for a better time...such a kinder, gentler world. Don't you know God must just shake His head to see what "free will" has done to mankind? I worry about my kids and grandson. Fortunately, my kids have never had to go without and they don't remember some of the hard times when they were little.

    I've been concerned for years about kids that are not parented...nor supervised in any way. They see all the violence and profanity on TV and in the movies and soon believe it's an accepted behavior. Without parental guidance, Church and being taught about our Lord they are innocents without a chance. :/

    Prayers continue for Hutch! I do think that we all need to continue to pray for our country.


  7. praying for you, your family, and hutch.

  8. I share your concern for our families, etc. We MUST keep our eyes on Jesus & pray faithfully. Psalm 27:1 was of great encouragement to me this morning....

  9. I am praying for our Country, it is steady going downhill! I am praying for our children and grandchildren, the future certainly looks a lot different and for that I am sad:( Have a blessed day dear Bonnie, HUGS!

  10. I share your concerns! My little set of 3 year old grand quadruplets are so young and innocent and sweet right now. I am already praying for protecton for their young hearts and minds. I have to remember that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love and power and a strong mind. Therefore my prayer for them is to be mighty in spirit! God is greater than any evil and all my hope is on him!

  11. When I saw your blog just now in my feed, I thought "who is Vintage Girl???" I will get used to your new name, I! I do feel like we have to be in the end times, although I am sure many generations have said this...the bottom line is, It is happening sooner than most folks are going to be ready for. I agree with you and I am concerned about those little ones. God IS in control of all of this stuff and now is time for His followers to hold steady in our beliefs...but to not forget to do it all in love...this is the hard part for is easy for me to get all self-righteous and I have to stop myself. Some Christians who are fighting these issues are acting uglier than those who are doing the deed and that does not serve our God well. I saw this sign on facebook the other day..."God doesn't want worriers, He want warriors". I thought that pretty much said it all, although it is MUCH easier to say than to do. Continuing to remember Hutch :)

  12. Bonnie, I have many thoughts and fears about certain things lately too. We are living in a world that is constantly changing, and I feel that it goes too fast sometimes. Praying with you, my dear.

    love, ~Sheri

  13. This is the first time I have visited your blog, thank you for leaving a comment on mine. As I have read your posts, I feel like we could be come friends and that you would fit into our Bible study perfectly. I too worry about my grandchildren and what they will find challenging in their lives. I am grateful for a family that follows God's truth in their lives. PS. I have been a bit melancholy too this fall ... We are in the process of moving and that always brings up memories of things in the past . I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!


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