Thursday, September 10, 2015

Any White Pumpkin Will Do

Oh, my I have enjoyed seeing
all the different pumpkins- 
different colors, textures, fabrics,
or painted ones.

I'm just adding a pumpkin or two
each day as I find them.
Of course, any white pumpkin will do. 

I was disappointed that 
The Dollar Tree
had only a small selection.

I actually found this one at Walmart. 
It was $3, a little more than I like to pay.

Yes, I'm a thrifter.
I like to pay no more than $1 for my odds and ends, 
50 cents is better, 25 cents is best!

Ironstone always adds a little something 
to an already little something.

I've added a whole lot to my little something this morning. 

I've found the perfect mix, 
Starbucks single servings from the Kerig
with Cafe Mocha creamer.  

The study of Gideon by Priscilla Shier is amazing. 
I'm finding myself in his story.
His story has lots of stories.

I'm reading!  LOTS!
I take home a stack.  If it doesn't start well, 
I don't finish.  That's terrible, right???
I've never been one to not finish what I started. 
These days, I just don't bother with the things 
that have no meaning. 

This weekend I am taking Christy home. 
The high school drama teacher is putting on a review 
of all the shows and musicals that he directed
at Washington County High School.
The review is to raise money for the new theatre. 

This weekend is the first rehearsal. 

My girl (in the red) will preform songs from
A Chorus Line and Grease.
She will also assist in directing the vocals 
for I Hope I Get It from 
A Chorus Line.

Three trips home this month.
This Grandmother, a young mother, a 9 month old
and a 7-8 hour drive.
We are going to be exhausted.

A Fun-Kind-of Tired!


  1. You are keeping busy and finding some thrifty items like the pretty white pumpkin, and doing a lot of driving. Have a great week.

  2. Enjoy your special family time, travels! I try to find fall decor at the thrift stores, too!

  3. You put a lot into life and you get a lot out of it!! Enjoy the ride!!!

  4. You are a busy bee. I have a white pumpkin like your's that sits on my counter with my willow tree girls in the pumpkin patch. How fun to have a musical....know you'll love it. Hey, if I start a book and don't like it.... I don't keep reading... In fact I picked up a book at the thrift store that looked good...bought it for 25 cents.....It started out really good, and by chapter two the language the trash...don't need that. Sending hugs.

  5. Bonnie, If you keep that sweet pumpkin for ten will only cost 3 cents a year. LOL. I bought a pair of jeans once...thought I was getting them on sale, dang they were 40 dollars(way back time) When I got home I realized how much they were...I tried them on , oh they fit like they were custom made for me. I wore those jeans for ten that was 4 dollars a year..that's how I justified keeping them. LOL. I am loving all your cute decorations. A nice play to look forward to seeing. Wonderful. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Love your little white pumpkin, even if it did cost $3. I too love thrifting and keeping my holiday budget very low! I don't think I'll need to buy anything for fall - at least I'm not planning on buying anything! Did a little decor arranging today. Have a blessed weekend! Cindy xoxo

  7. I'm thinking you'll get $3 worth of enjoyment from the pretty white pumpkin. Your little granddaughter must be quite the talent. Enjoy all the events!

  8. I love your white pumpkin and I think I need to start looking for some!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. You are one girl on the go but I appreciate your drive and dedication to your family. So love finding new and cute fall pieces but I'm with you-you really don't have to spend a lot. Just keep looking! :)

    Jane x

  10. Enjoy! I've given up on the idea of grandchildren.

  11. I love your style, my friend. Your style in decorating, your style of writing, your style in doing for those you love.
    God bless your trip home. Somehow, traveling with your sweet ones will make those miles fly by....right out the back window :) I think it sounds like a grand time!

  12. Loving that white pumpkin:) Have a blessed weekend my friend... and be safe! HUGS!

  13. $3 for that pumpkin is a good it. Have a safe trip, friend.


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