Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Unearth Those Dreams

When I hit the rank of Director with Nerium, 
the company sent me a little book
by John C. Maxwell,
DREAM:  See It and Seize It.

I think I shared some of it with you.
I read about 10 pages and it got lost in the clutter.

Sometimes our dreams are like that. 
Life happens and our dreams are pushed aside
and covered up, temporary lost.

When I first became a Brand Partner with Nerium, 
I made a digital dream board.
Somehow it got erased in the move, 
yes, even erased from my thinking. 

I unearthed the book. 
I created a new, hands-on dream board. 
(That's the way I work!  Gotta do it, to get it!)

"A dream is what you desire if anything and everything is possible."

"Choosing to LEAD your life and not just accepting it
is critical to owning your dream."

"Dwell in possibility."

"Only those who see their dreams are able to seize their dreams."

"Having a clear dream makes a general idea very specific."

Some of my dreams, 

1.  Financial Freedom to make life better for my family and others, 
able to support causes, sponsor kids, 
fund an adult day care, give above and beyond,
Able to give to anyone whenever a need arises. 
Help pay off my son's PA school loans.
Pay back my daughter's savings for money spent on IVF and medical procedures.

2.  Work and travel with my friends and family.
My ideal team would include my closest friends and family.
Leading a team to make people better.

3. A beach cottage.

4.  A all expense trip to Disney with the family.
Paid babysitters to come along when the kids get tired.
The biggest and best resort at Disney.
A day at the spa with the girls.

5.  Retire David so that he can golf when and where he wants. 

6.  Money for a weekly visit to the spa, 
massage, manicure, pedicure, facial. 
Hair professionally done without 
worry about the money

7.  Win and drive the Lexus.
(Oh, yeah, that's at the top.)

BIG, huh?

"If your dream is too simple and easy to accomplish, 
it's not BIG enough."

Quotes by John C. Maxwell

What's under the clutter?
Unearth it.

Dream BIG,



  1. You do dream big, my friend :)
    There were quite a few years for me when life was unbelievably hectic....I totally forgot that one should have dreams! No kidding. I was surviving (barely) day to day. God has surely redeemed that time in big ways for me. I confess to not dreaming big even now and I certainly have never made a board as you have. I think it's neat, though!
    Wishing you a marvelous journey!

  2. I love your dream board! I don't know what I want to pursue. I know I need more money!

  3. Oh yes... keep dreaming and DREAM BIG! You go GIRL! You can reach the highest goals, I have faith in you:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Great job on putting that dream board together...I really admire your motivation!

  5. Great job on your board and I hope that you achieve each dream! I haven't done a vision/dream board in a long time ~ need to do it! Wishing you all the best!


  6. You've done a wonderful job with your dream board. No big dreams here, except more restoring of my home ;)

    And as to what you commented on my post.... don't ever change your blog to fit what others think. It's a reflection of you, just as it should be. I certainly enjoy it :)


  7. Bonnie, I need to make myself a dream board. I can remember working very hard to reach my dreams when I was young. I did well. Raising my daughters and getting them educated was a big dream. May not seem like much, but it was for me. I love those girls to pieces. Blessings to you and yours , and wishing you great success in reaching your goals. xoxo, Susie

  8. You made a great dream board. I used a quote from CS Lewis on my Sunday Sketch last week. "You are never to old to make a new goal, or dream a new dream".....You are on the right track sweet girlfriend. Our daughter has an Lexus..and older one..but she loves it.

  9. Those are Great dreams and goals, Bonnie! Go for them and don't let life or it's ups and downs stop you! I let go of all of my dreams when my hubby passed, and I've never been able to dream again, SO - don't let life do that to You!!! Dream BIG!! Blessings, Cindy


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