Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas is All About Love

Love the Christmas plays with little children.
Sometimes the children are cute.
Sometimes the children are as busy.
 Sometimes the children are as the animals on that blessed night.
One time we had the perfect example of a little donkey who couldn't be still.
He played the part perfectly.
Who says, "All was calm...."
I could not keep from laughing.
Some 25 years ago, one of our girls was ready to give a recitation.
At six years old, she pulled down her microphone so that it would be
close to her mouth,
 as the director had said, "To be heard eat it if you have to."
The mic made a creaking sound and the crowd roared with laughter.
She was just sooo cute.
She was spunky and a little queen of drama.
At which time, the little one put her hands on her hips and said,
"It's not funny."
Again the audience roared.
She responded,
"Stop laughing."
I was laughing so hard, the tears were running down my legs.
To which she responded again,
"I said, 'Stop laughing and I mean now'."
Well, during the same play,
my 3 year old little shepherd boy was waving to the crowd,
thinking he was the center of attention
and the recipient of the laughter.
He spotted his grandaddy in the crowd
hopped right down from the stage,
 gave him a big hug
and was back in no time, to finish his role in the play.
My little girl was always a soloist.
I will never forget the words of her special song,
"Christmas is all about love,
Love from the Father from above,
Christmas is all about peace and joy
Hope and Life forever.
God wants to give us His only Son
Have faith in the Son of God
Have faith, have faith in the Son of God
Have faith in the Son of God."
Yes, Love.
That's what Christmas is all about.
May we, amid the hustle and bustle
not forget that Jesus is the Reason for the Season.
Bonnie :)

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